Two weeks and counting . . .

Two weeks from today (June 20) I will be hosting a family Reunion. There are many things to be done. It's at time like this that I decide to do home projects, repaint, hang pictures, etc. Of course I am also cleaning and many things that have been neglected over several months gets done at this time.

I have no idea haw many people will be here. Does that thought terrify you? Last week-end my Mom's cousin called me and asked if I was nervous. Is there are reason to be nervous? I know of about 40 people who will be here, but I hope there will be many more. I hope that some will make this time a vacation and that the Reunion is an important stop for them. I sent invitations as far way as Florida, Washington, California, and Utah. I hope some of those people come.

I want to be able to savor this time with family, those I know and those I have yet to meet and those I only see when I go to a Reunion. I know that each time I see my Mom's Uncle and some of her cousin's I savor they twinkle and joy in their eyes. They have the same ice blue eye's that my Mom and Grandpa had. I enjoy listening to the stories that are told. I want to be able to sit back and take it all in, to listen and enjoy and I hope they do too.