A Merry Christmas Adam to All!

I'm not certain if I will be able to post over the next couple of days, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my blogging friends a Merry Christmas.

For me, the later half of this year has gone by fast. There have been many changes in my family, lots f hustle and bustle. Hopefully, soon, I can get back to blogging.



Good (Sunday) Morning!

What a beautiful day!
Here it is November 18th. The sun is shinning. The temperature is suppose to be about 55 out today. Not bad for the upper mid-west. All this week the weather is suppose to be mild.

What's weather like?


It's almost over!

Do I sound a bit excited? After all I LOVE my job! BUT ... this Fall Season has been L-O-N-G and busy. All this time, (since the first week of August) I have pretty much worked 5 days a week, unless I requested a day off. I'm not complaining, but usually by October I'm down to 4 or 3 days a week. Because of Teacher Conferences, I only worked 2 days this past week. The week ahead I work 3 days.
Setting up cameras for registration.

There is so much to catch up on! Including blogging. So ... come back ... leave comments! I have missed you!



First ... let me ask ... Why are there always those people who are pests and hanging around to irritate you? Of course ... I'm not talking about you. The person I am speaking of is someone who posts as "ANONYMOUS". Over the past week this person  ... has probably tried ... at least 100 times to leave a post om my blog. REALLY??? I assume they tried so many times because they could not see anything showing up. There is a very good reason for that. My settings were set to where if you post as "ANONYMOUS", I am the only person who can see it. So, trying to get people who view my blog to buy your "knock off drugs" is a futile attempt on your part. However, after blowing up my email mail box, I am now only accepting comments from members of my blog. My apologies to other people who also post as "ANONYMOUS" and have things of value to say. 


Yesterday ... I almost posted ...

That this week looked like it would be a sweet, smooth, almost laid back week for work. Ha! How things quickly change.

Today was easy, breezy ... close to home... took me longer to set up and take down than it did to take photos. Actually, I was done taking photos by my posted start time. Packed up and was walking at the door at 9:45am.

Looking at my paperwork for tomorrow, there was no arrival time, no start time, no set up instructions. Hmmm ... asked my boss about it and she set off to find the info I needed. Well ... not really. What she found out was the job has been moved to another date. Now I am doing a job that includes 27 classes of
Kindergartner's through 2nd grader's.


So much for smooth. 


The Crispness in the Air

Happy Autumn!
 Last week I updated my blog page with a new Fall look. So, I guess it's time to get back to blogging. I can't believe how time has raced by since the last time I posted, but when you have a bunch of things going on ... you tend to loose track of time ... at least I do.
 Today I just want to say "WELCOME". I hope you start visiting my page again and I hope I continue to blog regularly.
 Has the crisp, Fall air appeared in your area yet? Earlier in the week I was thinking about how not much had changed this past month. The temperature had gone from 90's at the beginning of the month to mid 70's, but it really didn't seem to affect to many things. Then ... almost over night you could see the change. Fall is making her appearance quickly.
 I heard on the news Friday night that Colorado is already in "peek" Fall color. We are not that far along here in the mid-west, but the leaves are changing and falling so fast that it won't be long til all color is over and done.

 I'm still working "crazy" hours, leaving around 5am, so this morning I decided I need to get out  and take some photos before the only thing that is left is brown.
I hope that you are able to get out and feel the change in the air. Enjoy the beauty!


Today I ate an apple

 (<--- not my photo)

A Gala Apple to be exact.
 I am ready to confess! I'm not a very healthy eater. I rarely eat fruit. If you asked me when the last time I had a piece of fruit was ... I would have to say ... maybe a couple of weeks ago ... maybe , I had a banana when I was on vacation.
The reason for this confession? In a few weeks I will be going back to work ... working long hours. I need to eat better. I need to have more energy. I need less salt ... less empty calories.
Loosing 20 to 30 pounds will not make me a super model, but i will help me to feel more energized. Not that I really have a set goal of what I want to lose ... I just want to feel ... better and have more energy.
So, if you have any tips ... PLEASE SHARE THEM!!! 
I know that a great deal of my success will be planning. I mean ... how much planning goes into grabbing a bag of chips?


~Welcome Summer~ Thematic Photographic 201 . . .

AND . . .~ Abstract~ Thematic Photographic 200
I hope you don't mind me combining these themes. Last week I was out of town. I only had my laptop and for a good part of the week, no Internet connection. The place we were staying at was in the process of updating their Internet equipment. By the time everything was in place ... my family and I were swimming, visiting with friends, eating pizza, etc. You get the picture. 

Anyway, I have decided to start back up with project 365 and post fresh new photos. This is suppose to be done daily but I do it weekly, just easier for me when I am working. So come back often, leave some comments, and even post your own photos.

Here is my photo for ~ABSTRACT~
It was taken the first night of our trip. I was playing around with the lighting by the pool.

Thanks Carmi  for the perfect theme! Here are my ~WELCOME SUMMER~ photos . . . fresh from last week.

See more "Welcome Summer" photos at Written, Inc.


~ Got the blues~Thematic Photographic 199

Okay, okay ... I confess! I feel responsible for today's Thematic post. You see, last night at about 11:30pm I posted to Carmi asking about the post ... which was not there.

Please accept my apologies Carmi. I wasn't trying to be pushy. And I was not trying to down play any of your other posts. I hope you understand that many of us look forward to Your weekly meme. I know you are very busy and that the Thematic Photographic theme is not the 1st thing on your mind. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post to us daily and to provide a  fun meme for us to be involved in.

I also want to thank everyone for the comments they left on my post last week. Many commented on my 1st photo. That was taken early in the morning, the sunrise after a rain storm.

The 2nd photo that people asked about is the woodpecker. It is a Red bellied woodpecker.

Here are my "Blues"

BLUE seems to be a very popular color in New York graffiti

Friday night in Times Square

Sunrise in Waikiki 

Sunset in Waikiki

On the way to Florida

BLUE waters of Jamaica

Thank you Carmi for another wonderful meme!
You can see more "Got the blues" at Written Inc.


What has kept me away from blogger ... continued ...

As you know, (if you don't, go back a couple of posts and read) "Baby Girl" is having a baby at the end of July.

The day before her "surprise" shower all the decorations were all put up. Not that there were really all that many. It was more ... moving furniture and cleaning.

and of course, right before the guests arrived a few things needed to be put out.
Isn't this a cute way to display Fruit Salad! 
"Best Friend" found it on Pinterest. 
She and her Mother made it.

"Free Spirit" (oldest daughter) and "Teenybopper" (granddaughter)
made the "flower" cup cakes. The flowers are made from marshmallows.

Here are the games we played.

How did we get "Baby Girl" to the shower? 
From the start we had an idea of what would get her there. Although, it changed several times, it always went along the same lines. "Baby Girl" is obsessed with the idea that 
everyone in our family produce a handmade item for "Baby Boy's" room.
Thus, we have "craft days". "Free Spirit" suggested that we do this on this day. Then, I text "Baby Girl" and told her that "Jack of Trades" (my hubby) needed help moving some thing in the garage and would like "Daddy O"  to come and help. Forty-five minutes later I text her again saying "Jack of Trades" is going to take us out to lunch, so be here at 12:30pm. ( This was a must! We wanted "Baby Girl" dressed in something other than "Yoga pants" for her shower.)

When "Baby Girl" walked in "Teenybopper" handed her the shower invitation to read. Did she read it? NO, not really... Was she surprised?

"Baby Girl" and "Best Friend"
You can see she got a little teary eyed.

"Baby Girl" and "Free Spirit"

In the end, I think she was really "surprised" and totally enjoyed herself!

"The Natural World" ~ Thematic Photographic 198

As usual, I'm a little late in posting this ... BUT ... better late than never ... at least that what they say.

Carmi, over at Written Inc , posts a word each week. He then post a picture and blogs about it. Then it's your turn to do the same. Most post pictures to go along with the theme, some blog about it.

Why not grab a cup of coffee and click on over there. The pictures for this weeks theme are beautiful!
Nature always puts on a great show.

Here are my pic's from this past April.

Thanks for stopping by!
To view more of "The Natural World" go to Written Inc.


What has kept me away from blogger ...

Well ... as you may or may not know ... Baby Girl is having  a baby boy at the end of July.  Both my daughters are much like me. They feel they have to be in control of everything. (I have gotten better and know that it won't kill me to loosen up a bit.) So, Baby Girl had decided when and where her "Baby Shower's" would be and who needed to be invited. OH...REALLY???

Thus ... the "SURPRISE SHOWER". Baby Girl's best friend wanted to throw her a shower. So we snuck around making things, making plans, and getting ready. But most of all we listened to Baby Girl tell us what she did and did not want. Now, when I say "listen", it's kinda the listening your kids and husband do. Just shake your head and agree, get part of the sentence so that if asked, you can relay back a detail.

Here are a couple of the decor things I made.

Baby Girl registered for one of those Baby, Safety Kits. (Actually, she registered for a couple.) I bought the largest one and incorporated it into this "diaper wreath." There are 28 rolled, disposable diapers, secured with rubber bands, tied onto a wire wreath. The hardest part was weaving the blue ribbon in and out of the diapers. Along with the Safety Kit are things like socks, wash cloths, traveling size baby shampoo and powder.

Here is where Baby Girl sat. On the mantel you can see two blue pails. Those have "flower buds" made up of baby socks "planted" in them.  Those took a little time, you want to make sure to get the "buds" tight or they kinda fall apart when you are inserting the floral wire.
You can view a tutorial here.

I also made cute little favors using canning jars and Jelly Bellies. Now... this was a little costly, using Jelly Bellies, but you could use small mints or M&M's and it would cost less and be just as cute.

The labels were made with my own computer. I found a "label making packet" at Michael's Craft store. The price was $9.99, but I used a 40% coupon to save on the cost. With this kit you get an on-line code to go to a website and make the your own label. There are a variety of fonts and pictures that you can choose from. You make a sample to make sure everything is how you want it and that it fits on the stickers. Once you are happy with your creation, you print it out on the sticker paper from your kit.

Come on back to see the shower and if Baby Girl was surprised ...
See ya soon!


Good Morning Monday!

I know it's been awhile. I had planned on posting a couple of times a week ... but life ... just kinda got in the way.
Hopefully, at least for a little while I can re-connect with my "Blogging Buddies". I look at and read your blogs and want to comment or participate ... but that also means that I have to revisit you in a timely manner. For awhile that has not been possible ... UNTIL NOW.
So... I'm looking forward to reading more, participating more, and hearing for you more!


Fantastic Giveaway!

Hey everyone!
  Just thought I give you a "Heads Up" on a FANTASTIC giveaway. It's hosted by my friend Quiltingranny . Pilot is furnishing Pilot FriXion Pens for her giveaway. You can go here and learn more

and of course enter.
When you leave a comment, make sure to mention me! :~D


Life is slowing down ...

Well ... no not really. BUT ... tomorrow is my last day of work for a couple of months. That means no more 3:30 mornings! :) That also means I will be blogging more. I have missed you and confess that even though I have tried to peek in on you over the past couple of months ... 3:30am is really early and sleep was more of a priority.

There are several irons in the fire for the couple of months while I will be on layoff. Vacation ... baby showers ... kitchen remodel. These things will be filling my blog.

In looking for ideas for baby showers (Baby girl is expecting a boy, her 1st., in July) and kitchen ideas, the biggest let down has been that very few blogs, websites, etc., actually tell you how to do things or where to get the products they show. That is something I intend to provide. If you see an idea or a product and need more info than I give on my blog feel free to contact me and I'll try my best to get it to you.

Looking forward to your comments!
See ya soon!


Does anyone know?

First off ....let me say ...I HATE change! Yes, it's true! I like comfort and reliability. I knew it was coming, but, I was hoping that someone would realize that most people don't change and that maybe an option would be given to whether or not you wanted the new Blogger.  Of course, why would anyone think to give that option to people who are using their product?? After all ... people will eventually get use to the new way. I know that several of the blogs that I have followed have moved from Blogger because of this.

Anyway, in looking around (not really knowing what I was doing) I found where I can go back to the "old" Blogger format. I will use it as long as possible. BUT ... does anyone know how and if that will effect the "new" Blogger? Just wondering...


Almost back...

Hubby has been working on my new computer, getting it all set up. Can't wait to get back to my blogging friends and see what you all have been up to. My finger's are crossed for next Tuesday! Hope you have a WONDERFUL week-end!


Stay tuned for update ~

Isn't it weird how one day your computer is working just fine and then the next thing you know ... it's not.
Even though I have a laptop and a PC, I have yet to use the laptop for pictures. Basically, I use it for email.
This week hubby finally got around to look at my PC and has started the "clean up" process. YEA!!! Cuz I am really behind on Project 365. Hopefully this week ... everything will be up and running like new. B~D
Hope to see and hear from soon!


Past Its Prime~Thematic Photographic 186

I posted this picture in an earlier ABC post. I love old buildings like this!
They pull at my heart strings to know that someone just let them go. There
is a beauty and sadness in structures like these.

For more "Past It's Prime" photos, take a look at Written, Inc

The Tapestry of Life: Spreading a little SPRING ~GIVEAWAY~

The Tapestry of Life: Spreading a little SPRING ~GIVEAWAY~: Ahhhhhhh .... it's that time of year when your bursting at the seams to get outside and do something, dig around in the dirt, paint somet...


Spreading a little SPRING ~GIVEAWAY~

Ahhhhhhh .... it's that time of year when your bursting at the seams to get outside and do something, dig around in the dirt, paint something, or just sit with a glass of sweet tea or lemonade and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Has Spring time arrived where you live? We have had many mild days. Yesterday temps hit 56 here... tonight through Saturday morning were are under a winter storm watch. Such is the life of a Mid-Westerner.Will we get storm? Who knows! Several times we have had winter storm warnings and nothing or very little has happened. BUT, there has been snow up North, so that's where we are headed tomorrow after work for a week-end of snowmobiling.

However, I wanted to share a "little" Spring before I leave. Spring in the form of a GIVEAWAY. Nothing super special, but hey, isn't it nice to get a package every now and then.

The RULES are:
1. You must make a comment on this post.
2. You must mention this giveaway on your blog and leave me the link to that post.

This GIVEAWAY will close on March 10, 2012

Anyone may participate.

What do you get if you are the winner?

A cute little basket, 4 cookie cutters (tulip, rabbit, egg, and chick), pastel sugar sprinkles, Easter Egg paper dessert plates and napkins.

I am linking up to "Hope in Every Season's " Spring Giveaway Jubilee.

                                                                 Spring Giveaway 



ABC Wednesday~ G is for


Have you ever had a "Giveaway" on your blog? Many blogs do at one point or another. The purpose? I think for most it is to get more of a following... or to keep people interested in what you have to say. 
Most of the time the rules are pretty simple. 
1. You are a follower or become the follower of the blog.
2. You leave a comment on the blog.
3. You may have to put a link on your blog to link up to the "host" blog page.

Your giveaway does not have to be something expensive. It can be something you want to re-give or something home (hand) made or it can be store bought. 

Sometimes stipulations are established to who can win the giveaway. This may depend on the weight and amount of things that are given away and what the cost would be to send to the winner.

If there is a "Host" blog giveaway, there is usually a blog button associated with the giveaway to link all the participating blogs together.

Here is an example of a giveaway. Feel free to look at it ... or not. Will I be participating? I would like too, but I'm not sure what I would "giveaway"

Sarah at Hope in Every Season is having a Spring Giveaway Jubilee starting on March 1.  You may either simply enter all the giveaways or further participate by actually giving something away yourself.  Why not join the fun?  The more people who participate in the giveaway part the merrier.  

Oh, and by the way ... if you DO look at the giveaway, there is no way anyone but you knows you did, unless you participate ... and looking doesn't mean you have to participate ... it just means you are curious.

To see more posts on the letter "G" 
click on over to  ABC Wednesday

Project 365

Feb 19, 2012
Feb 20, 2012

Feb 21, 2012

Feb 22,2012
Feb 23, 2012

Feb 24, 2012

Feb 25,2012


The snow I love!

If you have kept up with my blog, you know that I am NOT a winter person. My hearts desire is to walk and lay on a beach, with bright sunshine and 80 degree temps all year long. However, I live in the upper Mid-West portion of the US. Yes, there are beaches here, but not ones that line the ocean and stay warm. They surround lakes and freeze, pile up with snow ... when we have it.

This was yesterday morning, about 7am.

The report is; this is the 5th mildest winter on record. We have had very little snow, mild warm temperatures ... well ... warm for here. AND we have enjoyed it!! There have been several days that I have been out and about in a light jacket on. We have enjoyed several dinners cooked out on the grill.

BUT .... this is today... about 7am

I LOVE when it snows like this. This is a heavy, wet snow ... good packing snow. I love the way it builds up on everything it touches. I love how everything looks bright and white. But there is a down side too. Heavy snow breaks branches and trees.

For now. I'll enjoy the beauty. After all it is only February