It's almost over!

Do I sound a bit excited? After all I LOVE my job! BUT ... this Fall Season has been L-O-N-G and busy. All this time, (since the first week of August) I have pretty much worked 5 days a week, unless I requested a day off. I'm not complaining, but usually by October I'm down to 4 or 3 days a week. Because of Teacher Conferences, I only worked 2 days this past week. The week ahead I work 3 days.
Setting up cameras for registration.

There is so much to catch up on! Including blogging. So ... come back ... leave comments! I have missed you!


Kay L. Davies said...

Sorry, Vicki, but I had to laugh. There was a time when I was relieved if I "only" worked 5 days a week with no overtime.
Blogging, however, is much more fun than working, I must admit.

Vicki said...

I can understand that ... it would be great if my 5 day were 8 hours. but all too often they are at least 10 and more. I have logged more overtime this year than any other. I just hate feel exhausted all the time. Will be good to get some things done around the house. :)