Ok, so you know how I am. I post things pretty good for awhile and then you don't hear from me for weeks. I am trying a new, daily Meme called WEEKDAY PHOTOS
Each day is a different theme. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday themes will have a different challenge every week, Tuesday and Friday are open themes.

So far, so good! this is the second day of the mem and my second post.
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Milkweed pod seeds.



Happy Wednesday! (Well, you know it's Tuesday, but this is an ABC Wednesday post.) Thanks to Mrs.  Denise Nesbitt and her Team for hosting  ABC WEDNESDAY.

~S~ is for ...

Last year my husband and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a Cruise. One of our excursions was to Grand Cayman. There we took a boat to STINGRAY CITY, which is a large sandbar in the ocean where boats anchor and tourist can view and swim with Stingray.

Female Stingray are HUGE!

Male stingray are much, much smaller.

It is said,If you kiss a Stingray, you will receive 7 years of good luck.

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The one with the lethal tail is the MALE, the smaller one.
The males tend to skim the bottom and that should be a sign that they want to be left alone.

Females are very friendly and the HUGE ones.They can be 6 feet across. The people on these boats do this almost every day and know the stingray by their markings, so they know which one can be handled.


Mellow Yellow Monday

WOW- the week went by fast! Here it is time again for Mellow Yellow Monday.
Today, I chose a plant from my garden. It is a ground cover under an Oak tree. I just LOVE the texture of the leaves and the tiny yellow flower under them.                                                                                

This Dead Nettle, Yellow Archer, grows 6 - 8 inches tall.

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Today, ABC WEDNESDAY is featuring the letter ~R~.

My ~R~?

~R~ is for Robin.

We have lived in this house for 6 years. 5 of those years, in a pine tree, just outside the front door, a Mama Robin has laid eggs in a nest.

Some years, she has laid them in early May and mid June. Some years she has just laid them in June.

Most times, we don't even notice that she is there. And ... she gets use to us going in and out the door.

And so do the little ones.

The great thing is ... she builds and repairers the nest on the side of the tree that is just outside our bay window.

I am sure you were wondering how I got all these great shots.
So far, we have seen her in the tree and in the bushes below, but have not seen her sitting.
Looks like this is going to be a "June" year.

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Here it is ... that time again. It's been a few weeks since I posted something ... partly because ... the week goes so fast and I forget until Tuesday and partly because I am one of those people who wants to post something different. Don't get me wrong ... I LOVE all the flowers! In fact, yellow flowers are my favorite, but ... I have to be different ... it's in my genes!

This week, my MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY  post is brought to you by Madison's (WI) Farmer's Market on the SQUARE.
Doesn't this golden honey look DELICIOUS? And I just LOVE the little bear bottles.
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My friend Debbie ...

at debbiedoos is having an AWESOME give away! OK ... I've never really met Debbie and I know a whole lot more about her than she knows about me ... BUT ... I think if we did meet, we would be great friends.

ANYWAY ... back to the give away. Debbie is giving away 2 designer bags ... that are Gorgeous!
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Rain, rain ... go away ...

 I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of rain! I think it has been raining a week now. Hmmmm ... I don't even remember how long it has been. I remember that last Saturday we did not go to the Farmer's Market because of the cold and the rain. Sunday, it didn't rain, but it was cool out. 
But, every day since then it has rained. Most of the time it has been a gentle rain and not an all day rain. However, it has been cool, sometimes, down right cold. Last night was cold, the heat went on a few time. Last night, there was lots of lightening. I an so tired of being lulled to sleep by rain and waking up to the rush of water going down the down spout.

Rain ... Rain ... Go AWAY!