Today, ABC WEDNESDAY is featuring the letter ~R~.

My ~R~?

~R~ is for Robin.

We have lived in this house for 6 years. 5 of those years, in a pine tree, just outside the front door, a Mama Robin has laid eggs in a nest.

Some years, she has laid them in early May and mid June. Some years she has just laid them in June.

Most times, we don't even notice that she is there. And ... she gets use to us going in and out the door.

And so do the little ones.

The great thing is ... she builds and repairers the nest on the side of the tree that is just outside our bay window.

I am sure you were wondering how I got all these great shots.
So far, we have seen her in the tree and in the bushes below, but have not seen her sitting.
Looks like this is going to be a "June" year.

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photowannabe said...

How fun to see those pretty eggs and little feather puffballs right outside your window. Terrific pictures, Vicky.

Tumblewords: said...

Exquisite photos!

Carol said...

Great photos! I love the blue eggs one. Had a robin build her nest on our front door grapevine wreath. Four babies hatched, and we used the garage door to get in the house till they flew away. It took a long time, and the grew very large before they left, and we coaxed them along. The front door was very messy!

Manang Kim said...

Great photos! I so love to find a nest close to our house but seems that the squirrel are the ones who took all the trees ^_^. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday!

ABC Wednesday

Roger Owen Green said...

Rockin' Robin - tweet, tweet!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jay said...

Those are great shots!! We have a pair of robins that nest in a conifer just outside the back door. The tree is so thick, though, that we've never seen the nest.

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week. :)

LisaF said...

You must have a great zoom lens! These are priceless shots. I'm glad Mama Robin doesn't mind your presence. I'm sure you are looking forward to June!

dragonfly said...

Great shots, I too picked birds today check out mine here....


Gattina said...

Wonderful shots ! I didn't know that the eggs were turquoise !

Hood Photo Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. These pics are so great. Love the one of the eggs, the blue is so pretty!

Hood Photo Blog

Anna said...

What patience and presence of mind you must have to get such wonderful pictures! I am impressed. Yes, it does help to have the nest right outside your bay window. But still, you have done an amazing job!
All of the animal pictures on my R-post are borrowed from Wikipedia. I am not very good att taking bird pictures. When PhotoHunt required a bird photo I took a picture of wooden birds!
For some strange reason, I did not think of the delightful robin when I made my preliminary list of R-words. I found a raven and got a little impatient with all of my critters!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my R-post. I am going back to check to see if you had a special question. But I can't leave this comment unsaved. I've tried that before and I know it does not work!

Best wishes,

Anna's rudabagas

Anna said...

May 21st, 2010
Dear Vicki,
I must apologise for a misunderstanding. I have mistaken you for Vicki of "Vicki's Place". She left a comment on my R-post. You have not yet done that. But that's all right. Stop by whenever you find the time!
Well, it's nice to meet you, Vicki! Your R-post is wonderful! I am following your blog now!

Best wishes,

Anna's rudabagas

Debbie said...

I have never seen real Robins eggs....so neat you captured them! Happy Anniversary my friend.....you are such a wonderful inspiration 31 years Whoo hooo!~ Enjoy, and may you have another 31....it can happen...my hubs Grandparents have been married for 65 years!

Grace and Bradley said...

Amazing, I have never known that, other then Easter egg, the real egg can be in blue color!! You have such a front row view of the whole happening.