BIG ~ Thematic Photographic 155

Another week has passed and time to start the memes. I enjoy doing these because it helps me to share parts of myself ... things I think ... places I've been ... who I am. As of lately, several memes that I have come to enjoy have not been posted.  Maybe ... I'll just have to start one myself ... What do you think??

Even though there has been a few lags ... Carmi over at Written Inc has pretty much kept on top of his game.
Thanks Carmi for giving us something to look forward to ...

Carmi has picked the theme of "BIG". These pictures are from a recent trip to New York. I know that many of us have seen these sites on the early morning shows on TV. BUT ... seeing them at night  ... is totally overwhelming.

Times Square ... on Friday night

Products, tv shows, concerts, plays, commercials~
there all here!
Want to see more on the theme "BIG"
Click on over to Written Inc and ENJOY! 

Mellow Yellow Monday

It's been quite some time since I have participated in Mellow Yellow Monday, but I just had to share these beautiful sunrise photos that I took last Friday. I took these as a line of thunder storms were rolling through our area. Hope you enjoy them!



Tabs Menu

The easiest way to add a tabs menu under your header ( at least that I found ... and believe me I tried several ways over several hours) is this:

1. Click on your DESIGN tab.
2. Under your header box (Title of your page) add a gadget box
3. When the "add a gadget" pops up scroll down to LABELS and click on it.

This will show you every label that you have connected a post with.
You then need to "edit" your labels. You don't want a box for every label you have ever used. You may want to make new labels to group thing together.

Only the labels "checked" will show MENU TABS.
If you want to add old posts to a tab, you need to go to that post and "edit" it by adding that label to it.

Hope this helps!


ABC WEDNESDAY ~ A is for .... --Vacation ~ Thematic Photographic 154


 period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation

Over @ Written Inc, Carmi has chosen the topic of VACATION for this weeks photo challenge. 

Memorial Day week-end and the week to follow, hubby and I took a trip up Nort to the Lake Superior region, to the Apostle Islands. Yes, while it was in the high 80's and low 90's at home, we were the refreshing temperatures of anywhere between 34° and 65°.

The Apostle Islands are made up of 21 island off the coast of Bayfield, Wisconsin. 

The morning we took our ferry tour, Superior Lake temperature was a billowy 38°.

The sea caves are a popular place of discovery in the summer time.

On several islands, lighthouses and residences (pictured above and below : Devil's Island) have been restored. Most are places for sightseer's. Madeline Island is the only island that is inhabited. 

We also visited a couple of State Parks.
Amnicon Falls

Copper Falls

AND ... Saw some breathtaking sunsets

It's always nice to get away ... AND it's always nice to come home!


Taking a stroll

through blog land... I found a precious little blog. Looking at The Old White Barn makes me want to change my blog... again. There is a sweetness and comfy home feeling to Susan's blog. Giving her this "shout out" has a dual purpose.

1. I think many of my follower's would enjoy this blog.
2. Susan is having a WONDERFUL Give Away!

Susan just opened an on-line store and has really cute items!

Go on over and check it out for yourself!

The Old White Barn

Tell her  ~Vicki~ sent you!  8-D

YES!!! I figured it out!

Do you ever notice that some blogs have subject tabs under their header? Have you also noticed that when you click on them ... some will take you to a list of those posts ... and (most likely) some take you nowhere or to a page that has links of posts?

Well, I wanted my posts to be linked on 1 page that is connected to the tab. If you tried looking at my blog tonight, you probably saw some crazy things. After hours of reading and messing around with things ... I figured it out!

My first thought was ... Did you really waste so much time on something so simple?

Hmmm ... Do you think I should share my secret?


This is a test

ha,ha,ha ... I'm trying to figure this out.

Trial and Error

That's pretty much how I lean. I am one of those people who learns by the "hands on" method. I look at other blogs and then I try things out on my blog. Sometimes I like the change ... sometimes I don't. Here is the place you will find "helpful hints." See something on my blog you want to try on yours? Let me know what it is and I'll do my best to let you know how to do it


Adding a little SPICE ...

YES ... I am one of those people who is always changing things. Once I get it to where I like it... the changes are almost not noticed.

As you can see ... Things are changing on my Blog ... so come back often ... you never know what you will find!

Tell me what you think so far ~




Oh ... I know that many of you have had your pool's open for awhile now.
But here in the upper  mid-west. the weather has not been very cooperative

The first HOT week that we had, hubby and I were up at Lake Superior, it was in the 40's and 50's there.
Weeks of cool, cloudy weather followed. A couple of weeks it rained everyday.

FINALLY, we got a break and got a run of sunny, dry weather!!


Cause we are READY for it!!