YES!!! I figured it out!

Do you ever notice that some blogs have subject tabs under their header? Have you also noticed that when you click on them ... some will take you to a list of those posts ... and (most likely) some take you nowhere or to a page that has links of posts?

Well, I wanted my posts to be linked on 1 page that is connected to the tab. If you tried looking at my blog tonight, you probably saw some crazy things. After hours of reading and messing around with things ... I figured it out!

My first thought was ... Did you really waste so much time on something so simple?

Hmmm ... Do you think I should share my secret?


The Old White Barn said...

Hi, Vicki - thanks for stopping by The Old White Barn and entering the Give Away!

Hope to see you again soon....

Quiltingranny said...

Oh yes Vicki, please do. I am such a techno dummy!