Tabs Menu

The easiest way to add a tabs menu under your header ( at least that I found ... and believe me I tried several ways over several hours) is this:

1. Click on your DESIGN tab.
2. Under your header box (Title of your page) add a gadget box
3. When the "add a gadget" pops up scroll down to LABELS and click on it.

This will show you every label that you have connected a post with.
You then need to "edit" your labels. You don't want a box for every label you have ever used. You may want to make new labels to group thing together.

Only the labels "checked" will show MENU TABS.
If you want to add old posts to a tab, you need to go to that post and "edit" it by adding that label to it.

Hope this helps!

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Blessings from Cindy said...

I might have to try this when I am in the mood to really work on my blog. I do want to tell you tho, that I really appreciate you sharing how to do this. I know so little on what to do to change things up on my blog & any help I can get is great!!