Thematic Photographic 121 - Yellow

What a GREAT choice Carmi has made for this weeks theme! I LOVE YELLOW!! It is my FAVORITE color. Which is not what you would think if you were to visit my home. BUT ... we'll discuss that some other time.

 I just got home from vacation . . . where it was almost 40 degrees warmer than at home. Everyday we went to the beach.

It already seems like a dream.


Thematic Photographic 119 - Turning Colder

Here in the Mid-Western US, the signs of cooler days are the grand bursts of color. I am not a fan of cooler or cold weather. Give me a HOT, sweltering summer day anytime. However, I love the beauty that the cooler and cold weather brings. Here is a little peek at what my neighborhood looks like in mid October.

All too soon ... it's going to look like this ...


M . . .

. . . is for MARATHON

So . . . what do you know about Marathons?
Some quick facts :

The race is 26.2 miles long . . . more like 27 miles. Who can stop on a dime at 26.2 miles?

There are PROFESSIONAL Marathon runners. They are called the ELITE. Elite Men can run the race is about 2 hours. Elite Women can run the race in about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Many Marathon runners loose their toenails.

This year, The Chicago Marathon was capped at 45,000 runners.

This past week-end, 10-10-10, was the Chicago Marathon. First let me say, if you ever have a chance to see a Marathon, DO IT! You will be amazed at the dedication of the runners.

This is the second time that 2 of my children have run in the Marathon.

The first time I was able to see the beginning of the race. It starts with the wheelchair racers.

                                                              (Pictures from 2008)

Then come the ELITE

                                                                (Pictures from 2008)

This year, 2010, the first runner to cross the finish line was ELITE Runner, Sammy Wanjiru from Kenya. His time was 2:06:24. He also won in 2009. Liliya Shobukhova of Russia won the women's race with the time of 2:20:25, which is the new Russian Marathon Record.

Runners of Note:
Desiree Davila (USA) finished in fourth place and top American in 2:26:20, a significant personal best.

 Joan Benoit Samuelson (USA), now 53, finished in 2:47:50. And Heinz Frei (SUI), now 52, set a new wheelchair course record, finishing in 1:26:56.

The reason I go to the Marathon . . . of course it is because my children are running. BUT ... it is VERY hard to find the 1 person you are looking for in the race. In fact, we have never seen our son running. I go for ALL the runners. I enjoy seeing them and cheering them on. I know that I could never do this and I APPLAUD all who make this commitment.

                                                              Pictures from 2010
                                                             ABC WEDNESDAY



YIPIE!!! Today I bought a new camera. I LOVE my Canon EOS XT. It has been a wonderful friend for the past 4&1/2 years. I love the pictures it has taken. BUT ... for about a year now ... I have wanted to upgrade. Today was  that day. At the present time, my batteries are being charged. Look for pics soon!


UNIQUE F - flood

This week  UNIQUE EXPOSURE'S is featuring photos that begin with F. This photo was take 3 summers ago. The Rock River  had flooded over it's banks. Not that our area had a lot of rain, but areas from upstream had DAYS of rain. This is a park along side the river. Here you can no loner see the walkways or flowers,