YIPIE!!! Today I bought a new camera. I LOVE my Canon EOS XT. It has been a wonderful friend for the past 4&1/2 years. I love the pictures it has taken. BUT ... for about a year now ... I have wanted to upgrade. Today was  that day. At the present time, my batteries are being charged. Look for pics soon!


Melanie said...

Yea for new cameras! What did you get? Can't wait to see the pics with your new camera!

Carmi said...

Ah, new cameras are wonderful! It's like you've got a whole new world to explore.

You've reminded me that I'm starting to get those same twinges. I love my Nikon, but it's going on 4 years since I brought it home, and considering how often I use it - every day - it's only a matter of time before I wear the poor thing out.