E is  for EXHIBIT.

To put something on public display.
The act or an instance of exhibiting, a public showing; an exhibition.

The great thing about visiting a large city is all the sites you can see. On our visit to Chicago we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It's an exciting place where you can explore and  engage in Exhibits with great enjoyment.

In the Circus area you can ~

Play with the "Funny Mirrors" ~

Make music with the lights on the floor ~

Or be a clown ~

You can walk through The Hall of Transportation ~

You can visit the Science area ~

and see Thermal Imaging ~

or stand in an acrylic box and whisper to the person across the room ~

Who will hear you as if you are standing right next to them ~

You can visit the War Exhibit ~

Where you can listen to Holograms tell you the position of the Enemy ~

All in all, a visit to this museum is an experience which can be enjoyed by everyone.



WOW . .  . can you believe . . . I almost forgot what day it is.
My  YELLOW MELLOW MONDAY  post for today was taken a few years back. For my Uncle's 60 birthday, my Cousin had a Hawaiian theme. As a surprise, this lovely lady was hired to entertain and teach the guests some basic Hula steps.

Isn't her costume great!!
Such vibrant colors!
You can't help but smile!

Everyone had a great time!




Is it really possible that a year has come and gone? The saying is "Time flies when you're having fun!" Have we had fun? Yes, there have been fun times ... and sad times ... and hard times, so I really think that time just flies, no matter what.

One year ago today I received a call that my Uncle Paul had passed away the night before. What sadness filled my heart! Even though, when his family looks back, they may see signs that were pointing to dwindling health, this was a sudden event.

I always enjoyed going to visit Uncle Paul and my Aunt Grace. Not that we did exciting things. We mostly just sat around and enjoyed one another. They had a way of making you feel right at home, like you belonged. At their house it was different, mostly because you followed their lead. You were up early and you went to bed somewhat early. It was always time to go to bed as soon as the News was over. You could always read in bed, but doors were locked, tv turned off , lights turned out... time to retired.

But what impressed my most is how Uncle Paul loved Aunt Grace.

They were married for 62 years.

It's amusing , the stories you hear when someone passes on. One story that caught my ear and my heart was the story of how Uncle Paul had sold his car to buy my Aunt Grace a wedding ring. But, most of all, it is the recent memories of Uncle Paul and Aunt Grace together, that tug at my heart strings. Memories of early mornings, near 6 am, sitting on the back porch swing, drinking coffee and holding hands, watching the birds and talking about their day ahead. The smiles exchanged, the kind words. How he loved her!

He was a great example. He was loving and kind. He had a great sense of humor. He is missed tremendously.


WoW ... has it been a week already? Time again for FUN FOTO FRIDAY., hosted by DeBbieDoos.
Why not come along and join the FUN!

I just LOVE this picture! But, keep this just between you and me. The person in this picture (my daughter L) doesn't like it at all. This was taken about 11 years ago when L was seven. We took a trip out west to visit Hubby's sister, in Las Vegas, at Spring Break time. People who live out west are always boasting about the warm weather there. Well, seems we brought the cool weather along with us. It was too cool to swim in the pool, so L spent her time in the hot tub ... with the mask on. SHE HAD A BALL!!

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Welcome to another ABC WEDNESDAY.  Today's posts are brought to you by the letter D.

D is for Dragonfly.

I'm not sure why these little guys fly all the way out to my back yard. We are about 8 miles from the river and I am sure that there are many other gardens to visit. But I am glad they stop by for a visit and I'm glad you stopped by too!

Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt for hosting ABC WEDNESDAY



These pictures are of Sergeant Major Damsel fish. These friendly fish are plentyful in the Caribbean.
We encountered these while in Grand Cayman.


NEW MEME ~~ FUN FOTO FRIDAY hosted by Debbie

This is the first FUN FOTO FRIDAY hosted by Debbie at debbiedoos
Here are the instructions followed by my pictures :
Your photo can be absolutely anything that makes you smile ex. pet, kids, a verse, a pretty picture, etc. etc.........
Pretty simple!
Here's my pictures!

This is our new dog, Piper, and our Grandson, Mace. Mace had been here all afternoon and was going to spend the night. Mace and Piper had been running around the house all afternoon, chasing each other, running up and down stairs, playing tug-of-war, you know . . . all the stuff boys and dogs do.

It was geiiting close to bed time and time to settle down. Mace is playing WII Mario Cart. Piper is sitting next to him. Both look happy!
Here is my next shot, a close up of Piper.

Can you tell she had fun all day?



I love waking up to fresh snow! There are a couple of reasons for this. An important one is, it means it is fairly warm outside. Now "warm" is a relative term, usually meaning, the temperature is in the double digits. So far, we have just a light dusting of a couple of inches. I know, you are thinking "a couple of inches, a light dusting"?? Well, that is a relative term too! When you live in an area that can get 120 inches of snow fall in a season . . . What's a couple of inches?

So, after looking out the bedroom window and running downstairs to make coffee, I threw on my sweats, boots and coat to take the dogs out. Both dogs love the snow, well maybe. Tillie loves the snow!
I'm not quite sure Piper understands it. She runs in circles, darts and weaves like something is attacking her.

Anyway, at the bottom of the driveway I could see that the snow plow had com through, not once , but twice (the whole road was plower). THE SNOW PLOW CAME THROUGH?? WOW!! My reaction for this is twofold. First, we live in an area that is unincorporated, meaning, neither the nearby town or city plow our roads. Our roads are plowed by the township or county, ( I am truly convienced that last year, either someone who plows for the county or someone who is of great importance to the county moved into our little area) which usually means that our roads are some of the last to be plowed, however, this is not true when we have small amounts of snow. Second, I did not hear the plow. For that matter I also did not hear the school bus which passes our house at 7am. I must have been sleeping soundly. Hardly ever do I not hear the school bus.

The second reason I love fresh snow is that I can see the tracks of all the animals that have crossed our yard. The deer, the turkeys, the fox  . . . all have their daily rituals of walking walking one way in the morning and then back the other way in the evening. It amuses me to see the deer tracks walk in our early morning path, sometimes even down the driveway. We also can see which of our dog friend's have already been out for their morning walk. This morning Jake, a black Lab, had take his walk already. He always pauses and turns at the bottom of the driveway to see if we are out. Yes, fresh snow can be a wonderful thing!


Here it is, a week later and time to move on to the next letter in the alphabet, C. The problem with this letter is choosing the item you want to highlight. There are so many items that begin with the letter C. Just look around, you don't have to leave home to find one. Sitting right where you are I am sure you can see an item or two. . . computer, clock, cabinet, cup . . . may be a few that are right in front of you. But, alas, even though my home is filled with C items I traveled afar for the one I am sharing.

C is for city . . . CHICAGO
Chicago not only has tall buildings

It also has wonderful neighborhoods

Tree lined streets

And wonderful sites

A beautiful lake

And of course . . .

Big cities are wonderful places to visit!
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