Here it is, a week later and time to move on to the next letter in the alphabet, C. The problem with this letter is choosing the item you want to highlight. There are so many items that begin with the letter C. Just look around, you don't have to leave home to find one. Sitting right where you are I am sure you can see an item or two. . . computer, clock, cabinet, cup . . . may be a few that are right in front of you. But, alas, even though my home is filled with C items I traveled afar for the one I am sharing.

C is for city . . . CHICAGO
Chicago not only has tall buildings

It also has wonderful neighborhoods

Tree lined streets

And wonderful sites

A beautiful lake

And of course . . .

Big cities are wonderful places to visit!
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Anonymous said...

Thank You for your pictures! As a transplanted Chicagoen, I can almost smell the sweet aroma the city smells have to offer!

Roger Owen Green said...

I was in Chicago in 2008. LOVED it!
On behalf of the ABC Wednesday, thank you! -Ramblin' with Roger

Peggy said...

I have to say that I just now visited this post and have to comment. Chicago is and will always be my favorite US city! I lived in Long Grove, IL. a suburb north of Chicago for many years, and I still miss the wonderful adventures that only Chicago has to offer. Peggy