Wishing for Spring

Over the past few days I have jealously peeked in on your blogs. I am jealous of the sunshine and beautiful flowers that you are showing. The part of the country that I live in has yet to show that side of Spring. We have had high Spring winds and grey, rainy cloud coverage for days. Yesterday, we started out with sunshine, but alas, it was soon taken over by those puffy grey blue clouds.

Today was sunny, minus the Spring warmth. However, I took a quick trip to my local plant nursery. Only the green house and store front are open. There are very few plants, but what is there is full of color.
There were many green plants, that in the coming weeks will mature and establish flowers. And there were loads and loads of garden decorations and garden tools in amazing colors. So, for now, I am satisfied with my flower fix. Now I can wait for my tulips and daffodils to emerge. At least I'm trying to.


Good Monday morning!

When I awoke this morning the sun was shinning brightly. Now, it's kind of cloudy. The thermometer says it's about 55 degrees f. out. Last Thursday and Friday nights it snowed. Not much, just enough to cover the ground.  The snow is almost all gone now. There are just a few piles where it was shoveled and not in direct sunlight. Tomorrow and Wednesday we are suppose to have rain.

As I sit looking out over my front yard, I'm enjoying my morning coffee. I'm so grateful to be able to drink coffee again. It's strange that we may not realize how much we enjoy something until we can't have it. For about 5 months , while going through chemotherapy, I couldn't drink coffee. One reason was because I had to watch my caffeine intake. The other reason was because it made everything I ate or drank run right through me. I still have to be careful of how much caffeine I have, but at least for now, I still get to enjoy my coffee.

My new blog is about my journey with cancer. You can find it here.

Enjoy your Monday! 


Starting a new blog

Today I started a new blog. It's some insight on what I have been going through. I decided to put everything together in one place to make it easier to find and read. Take a look here.


Thematic Photographic 367 - Data

I have been away from blogging for a couple of years. Several things played into this happening and over the next few weeks I will be posting things that will give you some insight as to why. Being able to return to my blog took some work. I tried to get back several times over the past couple of years and always had a problems viewing my blog. Finally, I was able to see my blog long enough to realize that a WIDGET, which used a barcode was outdated.  Thus my "theme" for my THEMATIC PHOTOGRAPHIC post on DATA hosted by Carmi Levy at "Written Inc".

This week's the theme is ~DATA~

 My view right now is, many others had the same thought that I had when I saw that theme was DATA. To tell the truth, it wasn't a very good thought. Not that it was a bad thought , but more a "What??" "Data??" hmmmm. I was looking forward to posting.

After really thinking about it, I realized that we are so use to all the data in our lives, that we really don't think about it. Yes, I said ALL . . . we use data everyday, several times a day.

We use these cute little things called "barcodes" on almost everything we purchase. A barcode is  an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached

For us, it scans the price of a product we are buying. For the retailer, it provides so much more data. Things like, how many of these items are bought (is this a popular item for the retailer to provide?)and how many are still in inventory.
It track's items that we send to others at a convenient low price. And allows us to know when the item has reached it destination..
They can also help us save money. No more wadded up coupons in your purse or pocket.
Of course, barcodes are used on so many more things, Driver's licenses, credit cards, library cards, employment and school identification cards, medical wrist bands as well as entertainment wrist bands and much , much more. Yes, it's true! We live in a world FULL of data.
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