Good Monday morning!

When I awoke this morning the sun was shinning brightly. Now, it's kind of cloudy. The thermometer says it's about 55 degrees f. out. Last Thursday and Friday nights it snowed. Not much, just enough to cover the ground.  The snow is almost all gone now. There are just a few piles where it was shoveled and not in direct sunlight. Tomorrow and Wednesday we are suppose to have rain.

As I sit looking out over my front yard, I'm enjoying my morning coffee. I'm so grateful to be able to drink coffee again. It's strange that we may not realize how much we enjoy something until we can't have it. For about 5 months , while going through chemotherapy, I couldn't drink coffee. One reason was because I had to watch my caffeine intake. The other reason was because it made everything I ate or drank run right through me. I still have to be careful of how much caffeine I have, but at least for now, I still get to enjoy my coffee.

My new blog is about my journey with cancer. You can find it here.

Enjoy your Monday! 

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