An "old dog" learns new tricks.

 You know, as we get older, we get set more and more in our ways. Of course, this is pretty much true of everyone. Oh sure, there are those people who decide that on their 80th birthday, they want to jump out of a plane or go white water rafting, but for the most part; they are not the norm.
  Take my husband for example. He knows a lot about technology. He has built his own computer, several times. He has built his own car engine. He tinkers with everything. Things like "Geocaching" intrigue him. However, he HATES his cell phone! Yes . . . HATES!
   Several years ago we got rid of our "land line". Why have a home phone when the important people in your life call you on your cell phone? Until recently, my husband's cell phone had been one of those old text and call flip phones. Then, the battery was not staying charged and I was changing carriers, so he decided to upgrade his phone. ( I think the bigger reason to upgrade was to receive pictures of our grandson, but who am I to question things. . .) Welcome to the 21st century!
   I'm sure you know how it is when you get a new phone. You have to learn things all over again. ( Let me insert here that he hated his old phone too.)  It's been a couple of months, and to be honest, he really doesn't use his phone that much  . . . so how could he possibly be learning how it works? He's not! He doesn't even really know how to answer it.
   BUT . . . probably, to continue to evade using his cell phone, hubby has discovered the convenient process of restaurant  online ordering. In the past, I have always been the person to call or order food online. Hubby would go and pick it up. That all changed when I went out of town in February. When I got home hubby was excited and eager to tell me that while I was gone, he got online and ordered food. Almost every week since then he has order food.
    The "new trick " may not be astounding to others, but to the "old dog " it's a major accomplishment.