Tick, tock, tick, tock, ... tick tock ...

The year is winding down. Here in The Land of The World's Largest Water Park (even though I'm 1 1/2 hours away), it's a cold, foggy day. There is a slight wind and you can see precipitation in the air, but it's not really something you can feel or measure. I hate gloomy days. But if we didn't have them ... Would we appreciate the sunny days as much?

Even though this year is going out in a blah, bleak manor, at least in my part of the world, the promise of a new year, with great adventures is something to look forward to. I'm not saying that everything will be rosy and cheerful ... there will be losses... disappointments ... but those things make us who we are. They teach us and hopefully make us stronger ... make us better.

So here is to 2012 and to you! May the year ahead be a year of great accomplishment , a year of  dreams coming true, a year of hard work, and a year of great friendships.


More "How to's"

It has been awhile and I am back on my old computer. The main reason for this is because all my pics are here. But I have to tell you ... trying to do anything here is like trying to scrape gum from your shoe. No matter what you do, it just takes forever to get things nice and crisp and new.

You will notice that I have changed my background and header. This took me a good 3 hours, when in all actuality, if everything was running smooth ... it would have been done in 1 or less. I know that soon I will have to let hubby tear everything apart and redo it so that I will be up and running at full speed again.

I thought I would share a blog where I have found great resources on how to do things. Hop on over there and take a look! I'm sure you will find something that you want to try. Sarah @ Clover Lane has a great Blog and some great tutorials!


Merry Christmas

I have missed you my dear friends and I trust that you enjoyed the day with people you love and good food. My computer is still having some issues , but hubby has been able take care of a few of them. He also bought me a new laptop for Christmas. Now, I just have to lean where everything is on it and I will be doing ok. I am so looking forward to hearing from you again.
Don't be a stranger!


Technical Difficulties

I just wanted you to know that I am having some problems with posting. Actually, it's my Mouse that is giving my problems. Last Thursday the Mouse that I had stopped working. The "new" Mouse that I have ... for some reason ... sticks and at some point, usually when I am almost ready to post, erases everything.
Hope to be back soon!



WOW!!! Is it Thursday already? I trust you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. Mine was busy. Son came into town for a few days. We celebrated "Baby Girl's" birthday ( the 25th).  Just a lot of enjoying one another in a short amount of time.

I want to let you know that I really appreciate the women who have posted on this meme. I have enjoyed learning about you and I am grateful that you care enough to share yourself with me and whoever else that stops by to read.

As we head into the Christmas Season (no political correctness here), I hope you will share a little of your family life. For the next five weeks ... YES 5 ... I am asking you to share some of the TRADITIONS that your family partakes in. That would be 1 tradition a week. Now ... don't let the word "TRADITION" get you in an uproar. It doesn't have to be anything Spectacular, just something you and\or your family does at this time of year. It may be something you are starting this year or something you have done for many years. It can be something HUGE!  It can be something  small. And please ... visit the other Bloggers who post and  leave a comment.

Subject ~
Did you go "Black Friday" shopping? If so, Did you get any great deals? If not, How did you spend "Black Friday"?



Good Morning! Welcome to the 7th COFFEE KLATCH FRIDAY! Come, sit, enjoy a cup of something warm!

First, let me share that I quit  the job that I told you about last week. Thanks for all your input and encouragement.
Second, let me apologize for this late post. I have been under the weather this week. The dreaded FLU has hit my home. This version has a horrendous headache attached to it which makes it hard to concentrate ... it's one of those headaches that you just want to close your eyes so everything will go away. Even though I have taken medication to help me feel better the headache never completely goes away. BUT ... I am slowly feeling better.

Today we are to share 7 photos of things we are THANKFUL for. The plan was to take on picture a day. Of course, being sick, I was unable to do that. BUT ya'll know we are not that ridged  around here. So I will be using a few "old" pics that I have.

#1 Friday, 11/11 was Veterans Day

I am thankful to the men and women who have fought to keep our country free and safe.

My husband. This was taken 2 weeks ago as we began our yard clean up. He is a good provider and a hard worker. 

My job. Even though this was the last week of work for the season ... I LOVE my job!
It is hectic, it is crazy hours, but I enjoy it to the max!

My kids! This picture is almost a year old. The reason I am using it is because we are seldom all together in one spot at a time. My son lives in a different state and only visits a couple of times a year. 
My sweet Tillie. She is 13 years old. She has been the best dog we have ever had. Yes, she is MY dog. She follows me everywhere. She has separation anxiety when I am gone. I LOVE animals and am thankful for such a faithful pet.
You may thing that this is a strange thing to be thankful for.
Having 24 inches of my colon removed presents problems at times. If I have too much liquid, or eat something too spicy, or rich my colon goes crazy. Luckily, even after 18 years... I am able to use these to products and keep things pretty much under control. I am thankful that I have not had to go to something that is stronger and that I could only get by prescription.
I am thankful for sunshine! I am one of those people who needs and love the sun. If you look closely, there is ice on our pool. I took this yesterday morning. It was about 26 out. Today it was the warm temp of 30 and the ice is still there. I can tolerate cold ... as long as there is sunshine.

Looking forward to seeing what you are thankful. 



Getting by with a little help from my friend's.
Today is the 6th Coffee Klatch Friday!
And today ... the format is going to be a little different.

Today I am asking my friend's for their opinions.
If you have been reading my blog you know that I took a job, somewhat different than what I was doing, but in the same company. This is a seasonal job. It in no way affects my previous job. My previous job is still there... just slowing down and soon will be laying off people. I have to admit, that was one on the reasons I enjoy this job. A little down time over the Holidays.
Back to my new job ... I am thinking about quitting it. There are several reasons. 
First, we have to SELL the product. People come in to buy items and that's ok, but we are required to show them 8 other products and try to get them to buy them. I don't like people pushing me and I don't like feeling that I am pushy to someone else.
Second, we had our 1st (if you could call it that) winter storm yesterday. I worked for the previous job and it took me almost 30 minutes to get to my school. Traffic was terrible, weather was terrible ... it was not a fun time at all. I figured out that if I had gone to the "new" job, I would have been at least 45 minutes late. If there are only 2 of you working ... this can cause a great havoc ... for you and the customers. The job is already 50 minutes away and it is not too bad when it is daylight, but if we were to get a storm while I was at work ... taking 2 hours to get home in the dark would not be fun.
Third, we are on a "come in as needed" scheduled. Meaning, I am scheduled for certain days. I must call in the night before  to see if I am needed (is there enough going on) to be there the next day. So far, the 2 days I was scheduled I was not needed.
I have never quit anything! And even though I want to quit ... I have mixed feelings about doing so.
HELP ME!!! I just need so reassurance that I am making the right choice.

This week there is no subject. HOWEVER, starting on Friday, Nov.11, please take a daily photo of something you are thankful for. At the next Coffee Klatch Friday you should have 7 photos to share!
Have a great week!



WOW!! Can you believe it??! It's the 5th Coffee Klatch Friday!
Come on in! Sit! Have a hot cup of something ... coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider ... You are with friends!

Today we are chatting about our "Bucket List's".
I'm sure you've seen the movie. A dying man decides he wants to do all these crazy, dangerous thing because he has found out that he doesn't have much longer to live,
Hmmmmm.... I'm not sure my list is really crazy, or for that fact dangerous. AND ... let me say that many of the things that I have done weren't even on my list. BUT ... I have been blessed to be able to do them and are grateful for the experiences.

1. I have always wanted to take a "stained glass" class.

I would love to make something like this to hang in my window.
2.  I would like to raise chickens and have farm fresh eggs.

3. I would like to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

4. I would LOVE to go to Africa. (The photographer in me )
5. I would like to take a cruise to the Bahamas.
I have been to the outer Islands of the Bahamas and plan to go back.
The Cruise would take me to "The Atlantis Waterpark" which is my true destination.
Taking the cruise is cheaper than taking a vacation to Atlantis.
6. I would love to have a "Beach House", somewhere where it is warm all winter.
7. I would love to see Whales in the wild.
8. I would love to see Manatee in the wild.
9. I would love to learn how to make Biscoti.
I have tried, but it just never turns out right.
10. I would like to meet some, most, all of my blogging friends.


Over the years my favorite candy has changed ... a little.
When I was a child, my favorite candy bar was a MARS BAR.
Until recently ... when I found them at a popular retail store... I had not given them much though because it has been some time since I have seen them.
When I was in High School, everyday of my Sophomore I ate a bag of M&M's
I also liked "Bit O Honey" candy which is kinda like a toffee.
Now ... I don't eat candy a lot. BUT if I do have a candy bar it is a SNICKERS.
I also enjoy an M&M Blizzard on occasion
Looking forward to seeing your lists!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a GREAT week!


~FYI~ Coffee Klatch Friday~

This is a shout out to all my Coffe Klatch Friday friends. If you have checked on any comments that I have left on other peoples blogs you will know that I have been working 2 jobs. This week these jobs have been overlapping. Unfortunatly that cuts down on the time I am on-line. This looks like it may be the last week of 2 jobs (working in the same company, 2 different locations, 2 different , but similar positions). YEAH!!! I am looking forward to being able to put more time in on getting to know each of you.
Tomorrow afternoon wil be the regular Coffee Klatch Friday post. I know you are all fast thinkers and will be able to post on short notice.

Getting to know you ~
10 (or close to it) items on your "Bucket List"
Subject~ With Halloween being this past week.
Please share with us what your favorite candy is and why it is your favorite.



Welcome to the 4th Coffee Klatch Friday!
Pour a cup of coffee ( or the drink you prefer), pull up a chair, sit ... relax ... visit ... enjoy! You are with your friends.

Today we are sharing 10 things that we have done.

1. I have been "Cruising" 
Meaning that I have been on a Cruise ... actually 3. My first Cruise was a present for my 50th birthday. I went to Cozumel, Mexico with my oldest daughter and some of her friends.
My second cruise was with hubby for our 30th Anniversary. My 3rd cruise was with my daughter and grandchildren for Spring Break.

 I think that going on a Cruise is an economical way to take a vacation to a place and to participate in some activities that you may otherwise not get the chance to do.

2. I have kissed a Stingray.

It is said ... If you kiss a Stingray, you will have good luck for 1 year.

3. I have attempted underwater photography.

You may remember from my list of things I have not done that I never learned to swim. But that doesn't stop me from sitting in 4 feet of water or throwing on a life jacket and grabbing a camera to attempt new things.

4. I have been to The Mall of America.

The Mall of America is in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is the home of over 520 retail stores. Yes, we do some shopping while we are there, but we always spend much more time in the Amusement Park in the center of the Mall.

5. I have "observed" a marathon.
The Chicago Marathon.

 2 of my children have participated in the Chicago Marathon ... twice.

6. I have made a cheesecake from scratch.
I have no picture. It was almost 12 years ago. It was time consuming and I'd like to try it again ... I just can't find the time to try again.

7. I have been to The Statue of Liberty.

My sister, 3 brothers, and I took a "siblings trip" to New York in May.
Where is the 3rd brother ... he's taking the picture.
8. I have been "river tubing".

For the past 2 summers, this is how my family enjoys those HOT summer days.
9. I have been to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Fl.
It is suppose to be the largest butterfly habitat in the U.S.

10. I have survived Cancer.
In 1993 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I was 36 years old.
I had surgery to remove 24 inches of my colon and had to do a year of treatment. 

The reason behind doing many of these things is because I survived cancer. I learned that making
 memories and spending time, taking pictures and enjoying the one's you love are what will last. I have
been blessed to have the opportunity to do these things. No one knows what tomorrow will hold ... so make the most of today.

My Recipe

As the weather gets colder, I revert back to foods that are simple and make me feel cozy.
Chicken & Noodles 
I brown boneless chicken breast {using a non stick spray like PAM) in a pot. How many? At least a couple, depending on how much I want to make. I brown both side to a lovely shade of caramel brown. This will also give you some caramelization ( this adds flavor) in your pot. Once the sides are browned, I add just enough water to cover the breasts and let them simmer for about 15 minutes.  I remove them from the pot, letting them cool slightly, and shred them. Back in the pot they go with a can or 2 of chicken broth. I salt and pepper the ingredients and then add about 3/4 of a bag of egg noodles. Stir, stir, and stir. The noodles will absorb most of the liquid, so you may have to add more water, but not a lot. It's ready when the noodles are tender. Sometimes I will add some diced carrot or celery when I am simmering the breasts to add more flavor... just depends on what I have on hand and how soon I want to eat.

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Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee !



Happy Tuesday all my Coffee Friends! Sorry I'm a couple of days late. 
Here's what's up for this week.

Please list 10 things you have done. 

The subject this week will be a recipe.
Anything FALLish, ie something you like to fix when cooler weather takes over the short, Fall days.
It can be anything!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


                           COFFEE KLATCH FRIDAY

Welcome to the 3rd Coffee Klatch Friday!

I have been encouraged by those who have posted. It's always hard to start something new, especially at my age (50 something) and after the first week it would have been easy to slate this Meme as a failure. Thank you Chris, for keeping after me to post. I am not sure how long this will last, but I am sure I will make new friends.

                         ~The Goal ~

To have a community of bloggers that are friends,

 that can come together once a week with ideas and

 support for one another. We all blog for different

reasons. For some, it is to be heard, for some it is to

  share, and for some it may be acknowledgement.

 After all, many blogs are just your thoughts, feelings,

 and experiences ... that you share ... and here it is


This week's . . . I want to say questions . . . but they are really more like statements.

Please list 10 random things that you have

never done.
1. Eaten Blueberry Pie
~ My favorite pie is Raspberry. I enjoy Blueberry Muffins and pancakes, but for some reason Blueberry Pie looks, at least to me that it would be too sweet.~
2. Been to Canada
~ I love to travel and some day my get to Canada. Hubby has been there several times.~
3. Worn a Wedding Dress
~ Hubby and I eloped almost 33 years ago, and even though I did wear a dress... it wasn't a Wedding Dress or anything formal.~
4. Sang Karaoke
~ I have gone to karaoke (cruise ship) , but I'm more of an observer ... not participant.~
5. Been skiing (snow or water)
~ The rest of my family snow ski and go a couple times a year. Hubby and 1 daughter have watered skied , not sure my knees would hold out. ~

6. Eaten Sushi

7. Gone sky diving
~ 2 of my children have gone sky diving and the 3 would love to try. I possibly could do this, but have never given it much thought.~

8. Gotten a tattoo
~ 2 of my children have tattoo's and where we live it is a very popular thing to do. I would say that 60% of the women I work with have them ... just not for me~

9. Learned to swim
~ I have taken swim lessons... I was probably about 7 years old, but ... I really can only dog paddle, so maybe I could save myself, but you would be out of luck. ~

10. Been to Alaska
~ I have mixed feels about this ... I would love to see Alaska, but I really don't like cold weather ... I love HOT weather. Yes, I know I live where cold weather is part of the norm, but I am content to stay insides for weeks at a time when we have that weather.~

Please share with us something that you do to prepare for this changing weather.

One of the things we have to do to prepare for the changing season is massive yard work. With almost 30 broad leaf trees and almost the same number of pine trees, our yard gets pretty messy when all those leaves start falling. Unfortunately, falling leaves can go on for weeks. That means the clean up goes on for weeks too. Leaves are raked, mowed, and burned ... yes ... we can do that out in the country, but that is left for a last resort. Leaves are also mulched to cover flower beds. Apples from our trees that are not usable or have fallen on the ground are gathered and piled on the edge of the wooded lot next door for the wildlife that gather there.

We have been able to mow and mulch the leaves in our front yard once so far. Hopefully, we will get the backyard done this Saturday. Rainy and windy weather have hampered our yard work, but ... it's not really going anywhere anytime soon.
Your turn!.
Please link up and remember to include the COFFEE KLATCH FRIDAY button in your post.



Welcome to the 3rd Coffee Klatch Friday!

I have been encouraged by those who have posted. It's always hard to start something new, especially at my age  (50 something) and after the first week it would have been easy to slate this Meme as a failure. Thank you Chris, for keeping after me to post. I am not sure how long this will last, but I am sure I will make new friends.

                               ~The Goal ~ 
To have a community of bloggers that are friends, that can come together once a week with ideas and support for one another. We all blog for different reasons. For some, it is to be heard, for some it is to share, and for some it may be acknowledgement. After all, many blogs are just your thoughts, feelings, and experiences ... that you share  ... and here it is easier. 

This week's . . . I want to say questions . . . but they are really more like statements.

Please list 10 random things that you have never done.

They don't have to be things that you would like to do. Just, maybe things that you know of others doing that you have not. You can elaborate as much or as little as you want.


No matter where you live, the weather is changing. 

Please share with us something that you do to prepare for this changing weather.

Looking forword to your post on Friday, Oct. 21!

Meet Me On Monday

                                                        Welcome to the 53rd edition of
"Meet Me On Monday!"
Every Sunday Never Growing Old will post five get to know you questions that you can copy and paste into your own Monday post and we can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!!

1. The thing that scares me the most is __________?

Being a Christian and believing that God is truly in control of my life and the lives of my family members ... at this point in time I have nothing to fear. I have been close to death and have survived, but only because God has more for me to do.

2. Do you like nuts in your Chocolate Chip cookies?
No nuts for me.


3. If you couldn't change the channel, what tv show would drive you from the room?
The Office
4. Pulp or no pulp in your Orange Juice?

5. Who do you miss the most?
My parents. This was taken 6 months before my Mother passed away. My Dad passed away 4 years later.

To see more Meet Me On Monday posts  click on the Meet Me On Monday button at the begining of this post.