Happy Tuesday all my Coffee Friends! Sorry I'm a couple of days late. 
Here's what's up for this week.

Please list 10 things you have done. 

The subject this week will be a recipe.
Anything FALLish, ie something you like to fix when cooler weather takes over the short, Fall days.
It can be anything!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kay L. Davies said...

I can see I'm weeks behind. I guess I forgot to follow your blog. Duh.
Things I've done and haven't done, I can probably answer with one list.
1. I've never had a tattoo. Never considered it. But I've been to Canada. Oops, I live there. Okay, I've been to Alaska, too.
2. I've never been on a motorcycle. Passenged on a little motor scooter, though, many years ago.
3. I've never liked spiders and reptiles. I had a tarantula living in my house, however, when my kid brother and his friend had an art studio in my basement. I made his friend take it back home on pain of eviction.
4. I've never been to Africa, but I've been to Australia. Flights to either one are TOO long for me now.
5. I've never been to Oklahoma, but I've been to England.
6. I've never hit another woman, but I once delivered a serious right uppercut to a man.
7. I've never made cabbage rolls, but I've eaten and enjoyed them.
8. I've never made an angel cake from scratch, but my sister and I made a Christmas cake from scratch when we were teenagers. I've never done that again, too much like work.
9. I've never cooked a game bird, or a rabbit. But I've made escargots, from a can. Not recently. Don't like them any more.
10. I never saw Elvis in concert, although my brother and his wife did. I saw Louis Armstrong once, but so did my brother. Sigh.
A recipe for fall? Honestly, I don't use recipes. I always tell my husband "I cook by ear" but really I cook to taste, and then the nose knows when it's done. (This doesn't apply to cakes.)
Hope to visit next week.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mara said...

Try again...

I recently went to the West Edmonton Mall (reportedly the biggest in the world) and just spent my time gazing at the pirates' ship, the swimming pool, the ice-rink and the amusement park. In a mall! I am just used to shops in a shopping mall, perhaps a restaurant or two.

I went snorkelling once and once I got over the initial 'I am going to drown' feeling, I was fine and loving every moment of it. Fortunately I can swim and I was able to see a great environment under water.

ChrisJ said...

That chicken recipe sounds like one I should try. Your bout with colon cancer strikes very close to home. I have to go for a colonoscopy some time in the next month and if they find anything I'm almost certain I won't say yes to radiation or chemo. It was two years ago at this time of the year when my very best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. They gave her a hefty dose of chemo and she was dead within two weeks! But you were only 36 and had all your life ahead of you. I'm 74 and I'm not sure I want to spend my last few years battling chemo and radiation! But people change their minds. I just don't want the doctor changing my mind for me. We shall see.

kim said...

wow! the stingray thing was AWESOME!