Never a dull moment ...

Here it is Friday morning. I am getting ready to post the Coffee Klatch Friday meme that should have been posted last night. I had my night all planned out. I would order pizza. I would watch " Person of Interest" and then be on the computer for awhile.  . .
THEN . . .
My oldest Daughter called. " I am at the hockey rink. I have been sitting in the car for about 45 minutes, listening to music and reading. My car won't start." ( Really??? I wonder why?) " Can you come and give me a jump?" Sure . . . isn't that what a Mom is for.

First I have to clean out my car. Luckily, I had no photo equipment to clear out, but I did have extra supplies and fans. Then a half hour drive to the hockey rink. My Daughter, 2 Grandchildren and their Chocolate Lab are all waiting for me. We take the kids and dog home, go to the auto parts store ( of course she has no jumper cables) and the proceed back to the car to jump the battery.

Has either one of us ever done this?? NO! Daughter gets on her phone and calls a friend who is out of town to get advice. I approach the first guy who comes out the hockey rink and ask for help. He shows us what to do, hangs around to make sure everything is ok and gives some advice about how long the car should be kept running, etc.

As, you may know, my youngest moved out about 2 weeks ago. We have seen her a few times and each time she says " Do you  miss us ( her and her dog) yet Mom?"  With work, being sick, getting phone calls to run here and there . . . Do I have time to miss anyone?
NOW . . .

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