Adding a Button from another blog

This Friday I will be posting a new meme. To link up to my page I am asking that you grab the COFFEE KLATCH FRIDAY  button on my side bar. To do this all you have to do is highlight and copy the code in the box under the button.
Start in the upper left hand corner of the box, left click on your mouse, and drag your cursor over the code. It should turn blue. Then press the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard at the same time. Go to your post and change the format from Compose to Edit HTML, just above this box, upper right hand corner. At the end of everything that is written there, right click and paste. Click back to Compose and the button should be at the end of your post. Click on it to make sure that it brings you to COFFEE KLATCH FRIDAY.

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ChrisJ said...

Hi Vicki: I thought that was what I had to do, just wasn't familiar with the techie term 'grab it' :) :) :)
I have grabbed it successfully. Now I presume I just have to wait for you to post the topic and questions on Sunday (tomorrow) and I have to respond for Friday.

Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. I blog quite a bit, but I have some gaps in my knowledge.