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Have you ever had a "Giveaway" on your blog? Many blogs do at one point or another. The purpose? I think for most it is to get more of a following... or to keep people interested in what you have to say. 
Most of the time the rules are pretty simple. 
1. You are a follower or become the follower of the blog.
2. You leave a comment on the blog.
3. You may have to put a link on your blog to link up to the "host" blog page.

Your giveaway does not have to be something expensive. It can be something you want to re-give or something home (hand) made or it can be store bought. 

Sometimes stipulations are established to who can win the giveaway. This may depend on the weight and amount of things that are given away and what the cost would be to send to the winner.

If there is a "Host" blog giveaway, there is usually a blog button associated with the giveaway to link all the participating blogs together.

Here is an example of a giveaway. Feel free to look at it ... or not. Will I be participating? I would like too, but I'm not sure what I would "giveaway"

Sarah at Hope in Every Season is having a Spring Giveaway Jubilee starting on March 1.  You may either simply enter all the giveaways or further participate by actually giving something away yourself.  Why not join the fun?  The more people who participate in the giveaway part the merrier.  

Oh, and by the way ... if you DO look at the giveaway, there is no way anyone but you knows you did, unless you participate ... and looking doesn't mean you have to participate ... it just means you are curious.

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The snow I love!

If you have kept up with my blog, you know that I am NOT a winter person. My hearts desire is to walk and lay on a beach, with bright sunshine and 80 degree temps all year long. However, I live in the upper Mid-West portion of the US. Yes, there are beaches here, but not ones that line the ocean and stay warm. They surround lakes and freeze, pile up with snow ... when we have it.

This was yesterday morning, about 7am.

The report is; this is the 5th mildest winter on record. We have had very little snow, mild warm temperatures ... well ... warm for here. AND we have enjoyed it!! There have been several days that I have been out and about in a light jacket on. We have enjoyed several dinners cooked out on the grill.

BUT .... this is today... about 7am

I LOVE when it snows like this. This is a heavy, wet snow ... good packing snow. I love the way it builds up on everything it touches. I love how everything looks bright and white. But there is a down side too. Heavy snow breaks branches and trees.

For now. I'll enjoy the beauty. After all it is only February


Terrific Tuesday

Hey y'all!
My days are running into one another again. For several days now I have been meaning to blog a little, but just haven't made it here til today. Yes ... I know it is Monday, but in blogland ... it's Tuesday.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple of things.

 First, both Kay and Quiltingranny made comments on my last Project 365 post. They both made comments on my first picture and I just want to let you know exactly what that is. That little frog is sitting on a motorcycle made of diapers. YES, you read right ... diapers. I made it for a co-worker whose son was born on Feb. 12th. Each wheel is made up of 17 #2 diapers. The cycle also consists of 2 receiving blankets, 2 bibs, a washcloth, a baby bottle, and a pair of baby sox. Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

Second, I have to laugh at the picture of the dogs. My dog (Tillie), the Shepard mix is the typical "old lady". She is 13 and as you can tell not real excited about our company ... a "grand dog", Indy, who is about 4 and is just looking for fun and excitement. Any noise or movement has Indy up running around ... which really irritates the begeesis out of Tillie.

Lastly ...

See ya soon!
Keep those comments coming!


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ABC Wednesday ~ D is for...

Let me start out by saying that for this round of  ABC Wednesday I am trying to be original. There is nothing wrong with multiple post of dogs or donuts. Everyone has there own perspective and I enjoy the views that are shared. I'm just trying to share a little bit of my world and hope that along the way I am sharing something ... maybe you never thought about or maybe you never knew about.

In saying that ~D is for Deer stand~

I have pretty much lived my whole life in the Mid-Western part of the U.S.. And while I have noticed theses structures in other states, there is such an over abundance of them where I live now. And, in this state, they come in all different shapes and sizes. If you buy a stand at a store, this is pretty much what you get.

I have seen this type once or twice, but not in this good of a condition. Now mind you, someone is sitting in this for several  hours, waiting for a deer to come along. (Could be even a day or two.)

When you are driving down the road and look off into wooded areas, you usually see structures similar to this.

But sometimes you come across some unique deer stands. These are some that hubby and I came across while snowmobiling this past week-end.
As you can see, this one has a pipe stack for some sort of heat. After all, you might be here a week waiting for your deer to wonder on by.

I had to show both sides of this one. You can rent it, if you don't have your own.

The person who owns this one must sleep here and doesn't mind the wind or snow.
I hope you enjoyed my letter ~D~ and that you learned something new.

Thanks Mrs Nesbitt! I'm really enjoying this round. For more posts on the letter ~D~ click HERE

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Stick a Pin in it~ Cinnamon Roll Cake~

I am so excited to be posting my first "Stick a pin in it". First, let me say "THANK YOU, thank you, thank you Halsey for linking me up to PINTEREST.

When you are hungry, PINTEREST can be a dangerous place. This is the Pin that I drooled over for DAYS.

               Chef in Training
So one night, literally at about 11pm I decided I just had to make it.

 It went together pretty quick. In no time I had ooey, gooey,  love in every bite, goodness in a pan.
It is soooooooo moist, rich, and crumbly!  It's all you can do to get a piece out of the pan. If you love cinnamon rolls ... this recipe is for you.
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ABC Wednesday ~C is for ...


 A portrait  that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person, animal or object to create an easily identifiable visual likeness. 

This is a caricature of our 3 children that we received as a Christmas Gift this past year. From left to right it is youngest to oldest. We (hubby and I) absolutely love it!

The best part . . . this was not planned. Our 2 daughter's live near us. Our son lives about 130 miles away. Last Fall our oldest daughter's employer had a "Family Fun Day" at Six Flags Great America. Our 2 daughters, Granddaughter, and her friend all attended. The day was kind of cool and rainy, which occasionally kept some of the rides from running. While waiting for a rain shower to pass, our daughters decide to have a caricature done for our oldest daughter's home. When waiting in line our Granddaughter commented that she had seen her Uncle. Soon our son found the girls and they decided to have the caricature done for us. What a priceless gift!

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Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her team for this wonderful meme!

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