Thematic Photographic 128 #2

Thought I'd share a few more winter pic before moving on. This is the same storm. We ended up getting about 10 inches of heavy, wet snow.

Sometimes, in the early morning light, when there is a lot of white in a  photo, it takes on a bluish tint. I did change this photo to b&w so that you could see things a little clearer. You may be thinking that my lens is dirty, actually, it is water from melting snow. It is snowing like CRAZY. The snow is giving everything a hazy look.

This is my neighbors yard.

The road in front of our house.

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First Snow Day of 2010 ~Thematic Photograph 128~

It's Thursday!!
That means that it is time for Thematic Photographic 128. This week, actually, for the next 3 weeks the theme will be Favorite Photos of the year. I am sure that I will be posting several time a week and I hope you will too.Being my Father's child, (my Father was one who said there is a place and time for everything) there is no better place than to start . . . but at the beginning of the year.

We live in the wintry state of Wisconsin. There are usually 3 or 4 snow days a season. Sometimes, it's because of the amount of snow we get. Sometimes, it's because of how cold it can get. AND . . . Sometimes, it's because of how windy it gets. 

The day before, the weather channel was calling for several inches of snow. A few had already fallen that day and that night the wind was suppose to kick up a few notches. Several schools had already posted that they would be closed for the next day.My daughter called and asked if my Grand children could spend the night (there school would be closed). 

As predicted, there was plenty of snow. AND, it was very cold. Of course the kids wanted to go out and play. I stock extra snow pants, gloves, scarfs and boots for just such an occasion. It was sssoooo ccccold that the kids were only outside 20 minutes or so.

I love winter pictures!! Each time there is a new snow, I rush out early in the morning to get pictures. I want everything to look as pristine as possible. This was taken just after dawn. It is the street that runs along the side of our house. The pine trees mark our property. This picture was not taken in black in white, but looks this way because of the white balance setting.

Grand daughter and my youngest daughter. Notice the snowballs in hand.

Grand son. See how red his cheeks are. He is trying to look like he is innocent.

The girls have been shrieking and laughing as the snowball fight excels. Our sweet Tillie "thinks" they are being hurt.

I LOVE this picture!

Again ... shrieking and laughing.

Reassurance that all is ok.

I LOVE this picture!

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Photo Contest | Pet Faces

This week at iheartfaces the challenge is Pet Faces.

A couple of years ago I went to visit my sister for her birthday. It was January in Denver. The week-end I was there was unseasonably warm. Late one afternoon we took her dog, Chopper, out for a run in the park.

It was at the time of day that the sun gives off it's last brilliant blaze before fading into the warm glow of sunset.

Enjoy more Pet Faces by clicking on the iheartfaces link below.


Thematic Photographic 127 - Family

This week Carmi's choice is Family. As the Holidays draw near, FAMILY, near and far are brought to mind.

Hubby, Me, Son, and  Grand kids @ a family picnic in July

Me and daughters @ a State Park in August

Wishing you and your  Families a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!
Have a great week!

 You can view more family pics@ Written Inc


Thematic Photographic 126 - Night post #2

I think I enjoy these pictures because, now, I live out in the country.  NOT in the middle of nowhere, I have neighbors close by, but it is a far cry from what my neighborhood was when I was growing up.
Here, the lights that are visible are the house lights and a few yard lights.

These were taken on a recent vacation.

Looking out over downtown Honolulu.


Thematic Photographic 126 - Night

This week  Carmi (@ WRITTEN INC) has chosen the theme of "Night"

I have several night pictures that I have been torn over using, meaning, I was having a hard time deciding which to post.
If you are familiar with Written Inc, you know that Carmi will post a new picture that fits the subject each day of that theme's week. While the pictures he has posted so far are amazing, the posts that are with the pictures for Dec.3&4 have been depressing to me.

Therefore, I have chosen to share my "Happy Place"
This is my FAVORITE place to vacation. When there, we walk the beach every night.

I can hardly wait until I can visit there again!



A few weeks ago I posted some "candid" photos at Written Inc. Carmi Levy hosts a non-competitive
photo meme. For that week I posted twice. Carmi was very encouraging about my sports shots. It's always
a confidence builder when someone who is "out there" (the professional world) makes great comments about something you do. I know I have already said this ... Thanks Carmi!

On to this week ...
As you may know, I am a school photographer. I love taking picture! As a school photographer, things are pretty cut and dry. Everything hooks up together, everything is done by a computer program, it's pretty much fool proof. Yes, there is a measurement of skill and quality that the photographer must have (remember your school pictures ... maybe you don't want to). For many, there are the only "professional" pictures that are taken of their children.

Anyway ... On to this week ...
For awhile now, I have been "following"  iheartfaces. If you are a photographer or just enjoy taking pictures this is a great site. There are posts to help you in your photo taking. There are "Guest" photographer s every week  that offer helpful info about all aspects of photography ... AND ... YES ... There is a photo contest.

This week was the first week that I have ever entered a photo. The biggest apprehension for me was -
1. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people who enter this contest!
2. Many of them have their own photography business. They are PROFESSIONALS!

Not that I expected to see my picture in the TOP 10 or "Favorites." But , thanks to Carmi, I had the confidence to post a picture AND it made the top 10!!!!

I encourage all my photographer friends to take a look at iheartfaces. I'm sure you will enjoy it!