Thematic Photographic 127 - Family

This week Carmi's choice is Family. As the Holidays draw near, FAMILY, near and far are brought to mind.

Hubby, Me, Son, and  Grand kids @ a family picnic in July

Me and daughters @ a State Park in August

Wishing you and your  Families a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!
Have a great week!

 You can view more family pics@ Written Inc


Carmi said...

I love the spirit of these pictures, Vicki. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. And your elder grandson has the neatest too-cool look about him. What a delightful family!

Karen S. said...

Oh beautiful family, happy times, life is good and love is everywhere! Thanks for sharing what looks to have been a really great time!...and wow I wish our weather was like that right now!

Chibi Janine said...

You have a beautiful family who look like they are enjoying life. May your holiday season be a joyful one also.