First Snow Day of 2010 ~Thematic Photograph 128~

It's Thursday!!
That means that it is time for Thematic Photographic 128. This week, actually, for the next 3 weeks the theme will be Favorite Photos of the year. I am sure that I will be posting several time a week and I hope you will too.Being my Father's child, (my Father was one who said there is a place and time for everything) there is no better place than to start . . . but at the beginning of the year.

We live in the wintry state of Wisconsin. There are usually 3 or 4 snow days a season. Sometimes, it's because of the amount of snow we get. Sometimes, it's because of how cold it can get. AND . . . Sometimes, it's because of how windy it gets. 

The day before, the weather channel was calling for several inches of snow. A few had already fallen that day and that night the wind was suppose to kick up a few notches. Several schools had already posted that they would be closed for the next day.My daughter called and asked if my Grand children could spend the night (there school would be closed). 

As predicted, there was plenty of snow. AND, it was very cold. Of course the kids wanted to go out and play. I stock extra snow pants, gloves, scarfs and boots for just such an occasion. It was sssoooo ccccold that the kids were only outside 20 minutes or so.

I love winter pictures!! Each time there is a new snow, I rush out early in the morning to get pictures. I want everything to look as pristine as possible. This was taken just after dawn. It is the street that runs along the side of our house. The pine trees mark our property. This picture was not taken in black in white, but looks this way because of the white balance setting.

Grand daughter and my youngest daughter. Notice the snowballs in hand.

Grand son. See how red his cheeks are. He is trying to look like he is innocent.

The girls have been shrieking and laughing as the snowball fight excels. Our sweet Tillie "thinks" they are being hurt.

I LOVE this picture!

Again ... shrieking and laughing.

Reassurance that all is ok.

I LOVE this picture!

Do you have some favorite photos from 2010? Why not head on over to Written Inc and share them. Make sure you leave a note for Carmi. I know he would love it if you stopped by.


ChrisJ said...

Wonderful pictures of happy moments.

Linda said...

thank you for sharing! I love the first shot! I'm originally from Northern Maine, so I know what you are talking about...and that first photo brought me "home" for a moment!

Karen S. said...

This is what makes life perfect isn't it? Great photos......and doggie kisses too!

Alexia said...

Wonderful shots - but it looks sooooo cold!

Thanks for sharing.