A few weeks ago I posted some "candid" photos at Written Inc. Carmi Levy hosts a non-competitive
photo meme. For that week I posted twice. Carmi was very encouraging about my sports shots. It's always
a confidence builder when someone who is "out there" (the professional world) makes great comments about something you do. I know I have already said this ... Thanks Carmi!

On to this week ...
As you may know, I am a school photographer. I love taking picture! As a school photographer, things are pretty cut and dry. Everything hooks up together, everything is done by a computer program, it's pretty much fool proof. Yes, there is a measurement of skill and quality that the photographer must have (remember your school pictures ... maybe you don't want to). For many, there are the only "professional" pictures that are taken of their children.

Anyway ... On to this week ...
For awhile now, I have been "following"  iheartfaces. If you are a photographer or just enjoy taking pictures this is a great site. There are posts to help you in your photo taking. There are "Guest" photographer s every week  that offer helpful info about all aspects of photography ... AND ... YES ... There is a photo contest.

This week was the first week that I have ever entered a photo. The biggest apprehension for me was -
1. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people who enter this contest!
2. Many of them have their own photography business. They are PROFESSIONALS!

Not that I expected to see my picture in the TOP 10 or "Favorites." But , thanks to Carmi, I had the confidence to post a picture AND it made the top 10!!!!

I encourage all my photographer friends to take a look at iheartfaces. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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Carmi said...

OMG is that amazing news! I'm impressed that your work was recognized, but hardly surprised. You've got a passion for this lens thing that so many photographers lack. It's refreshing to see, and like all forms of talent, ultimately becomes its own magnet.

Had never heard of iheartfaces before, but I'll check it out. Anything that helps advance our personal state-of-the-art is always a good thing.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Vicki. I appreciate the sentiment very much.