~ Soft Light~Thematic Photographic 232

Soft Light is the theme of the week!
Over atWritten Inc., Carmi has given us the challenge to show off our photos of "Soft Light".
Of course those photos are all relative to what we consider "Soft Light " to be.

Here are some examples of my thoughts on the subject.
                 My sweet Biggie
                      Monday ~Jan. 28,2013

                      Wednesday ~ Jan. 30, 2013

                       Dec. 2012 TSO concert

Archive ~ July 2011

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Your thoughts and comments are wanted ...

Question of the week ~

2 women strike up a conversation in a coffee shop.
While chatting, they discover that they have many things in common. ~
They live in the same area of the country.
They are about the same age.
They are both semi-retired.
They are both on vacation
The differences ~
1 is married.
1 is semi- self employed.
1 obviously fusses over her appearance.
1 has short (really short)hair, 1 has mid -length hair.

After 30 minutes of chatting 1 woman asks the other if she is going through chemo.

Until this point, neither chemo nor cancer has been part of the conversation.

Was this rude?
What are your thoughts?


~Multiples~ Thematic Photographic 230

Thematic Photographic 230

Multiples is the theme that Carmi has given us for this week. Now I bet you are wondering ... why am I several days behind in my posts. I would LOVE to be the first one to post on Carmi's themes, but, I am trying to post new, fresh, recent photos. It's so easy to fall back and dig through things that you have already taken. But, as a photographer, I think it is important to keep shooting. No matter if it's with your camera phone, your little "point and shoot" or your better, Digital SLR.

Today, I went to one of my favorite Antique/ Collection stores. Here are some of the multiples that I found.
              ~ Old Bottles ~

               ~ Glass Door Knobs~

                   ~ Glass Lamp Shades~

                   ~ Brass Door Knobs ~

                      ~ Yarn ~

                       ~ Old Radios ~
                         ~Dolls ~

To see more posts on the theme of Multiples head on over to Written Inc . Better yet, why not join in and show off some of your multiples.

Phone a Friend Friday

This week has turned out to be busier than I thought it was going to be. But, I wanted to get this posted before Friday got here again. I bet you're wondering  ... Did I make that phone call on Friday?  The answer is No ... sadly, not on Friday. I knew my week-end was going to be busy and I had to get some things done. So, my call was made on Saturday.

Every other week-end (pretty much), my 2 daughter's and grandchildren come visiting. They're here ... they're not here... they're back ... watching movies, playing games, eating ... it is a constant flurry of activity. This past Saturday however, they got up, went to a Hockey game and then went snowboarding. There were several hours of quiet. Which was good because 1&1/2 of them, I was on the phone.

I spent a good portion of Saturday morning talking to my M-I-L. It's been several months since I have seen her or talked to her. Next month she will be 81. She has 7 children, 10 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren, most of them live within an hour of her. She goes to the Y 3 times a week and out to lunch at least 2 times a week. So, as you can tell, her social calendar is not lacking.
It was good to chat. It was good to catch her at home. It was good to catch up.

Who did you call? Of course, you don't have to talk for hours ... but sometimes you do. 


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Best Face of 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Best Face of 2012

Have you ever checked out http://www.iheartfaces.com/ ? If not, you are missing some great photo's. Also, you get information on how to use your camera to produce great photos and you get to see what other photographers are up to. It's a great site to gain info from. Just about every week, there is a challenge. This week's challenge is:

 Best Face of 2012

This is my entry.

I didn't take too many people "shots" last year. But, this one of my grandson, is one of my favorites. He's at that age where he gives you that goofy, pasted on smile. Here, you can see he is tired after an afternoon of swimming.

Go to 
Photo Challenge Submission to see all the other wonderful faces that have been submitted for this challenge.


Phone A Friend Friday

Today was my first "Phone a Friend Friday" I bet you're wondering how it went. Well ... I dialed MC's phone number ... and I got her answering machine. That's ok, it's Holiday time, her children live out of state. For all I know she could be basking in the warm, Florida sunshine at her daughter's home. So, I left a message.

Next, I called my Aunt I. Uncle G said she was out taking her morning walk. BUT ... about an hour later she called me back. We only talked about 15 minutes, but it was good to hear her voice. Aunt I is a cancer survivor. She has been in remission for about 5 years. Her voice was strong (She is in her 70's) and it's nice to know she is able to still get around fairly easily and is staying active and healthy.

Did you call a friend today? Why not share if you did.

~~Faves of the Year ~~ Thematic Photographic 228

This week, Carmi has given us the challenge of picking our favorite photos (that we have taken) from 2012. Much easier said than done.

Here are mine:



To view more "Faves" of the Year go to 


Happy 2013!!

Yes, I know I'm a day late, but hey ... I made an attempt to wish you are bright new start.

The last 5-6 months have been super busy, with all sorts of changes in our lives. And, while there will be many more changes in the year ahead, I have decided that I need to make a conscious effort to blog.
There are many times that I want to blog something, but then things happen and I feel the post is not relative at a later date, so it doesn't get posted. Sound familiar to anyone else?

For my first post of the New Year (I have been reading through posts), I too have a couple of "resolutions", if you want to call them that. It seems, that even in blogging, weight loss is a "big" resolution, and yes, while I could probably loose a few pounds, that's not my resolution. Of course, I will try to eat healthier and be more active, but shouldn't we always try to do that?

Off the top of my head, I have 2 resolutions, that may, later in the year become MEME's. Both of them have to do with relationships. As time goes on, it seems our fast paced lives keep us from having relationships with others who could enrich our lives. We don't take make the time for those relationships.

My resolutions:
1. Phone a Friend Friday.

Almost everyone has a cell phone. Most cell plan's give you a certain amount of minutes that you are not charged (because it's built into the plan) to make calls. A call doesn't need to be hours long, 10-15 minutes is long enough to say "Hi, how's it going? I wanted you to know I was thinking about you."
Wouldn't you love to receive a call like that?

2. Mail a letter Monday.

Now, let me , clarify. I am defiantly not a letter writer,(I can hardly post on my blog) but I can send a card with a few words on it,
AND, I know people (my 95yr old Grandmother) who don't use a computer or text on their phone.
Doesn't a piece of mail that is not asking you to buy something or pay something, somehow brighten your day?

So, here's to the New Year, and changes, and relationships, and enrichment!