~Multiples~ Thematic Photographic 230

Thematic Photographic 230

Multiples is the theme that Carmi has given us for this week. Now I bet you are wondering ... why am I several days behind in my posts. I would LOVE to be the first one to post on Carmi's themes, but, I am trying to post new, fresh, recent photos. It's so easy to fall back and dig through things that you have already taken. But, as a photographer, I think it is important to keep shooting. No matter if it's with your camera phone, your little "point and shoot" or your better, Digital SLR.

Today, I went to one of my favorite Antique/ Collection stores. Here are some of the multiples that I found.
              ~ Old Bottles ~

               ~ Glass Door Knobs~

                   ~ Glass Lamp Shades~

                   ~ Brass Door Knobs ~

                      ~ Yarn ~

                       ~ Old Radios ~
                         ~Dolls ~

To see more posts on the theme of Multiples head on over to Written Inc . Better yet, why not join in and show off some of your multiples.


Manzanita said...

Thank you for dropping in to visit me. I like your antique multiples. Now take glass door knobs. That is a post and a half all by itself. I do adore glass door knobs and all that yarn can fire up an imagination, too. Good job.

Gilly said...

I do like those door knobs - both glass and brass! Much much nicer than modern ones! And definitely in multiples!

Bob Scotney said...

When I look around our house the only door knobs are those on the kitchen cupboards. Your multiple picture shows what we are missing.

Max Sartin said...

That's an awesome collection of old radios. Do any of them work? Kudos for the old doorknobs too.

sarala said...

Great antique store. If I lived near this I would be hanging out there. And definitely original for the theme.