Today's ABC Wednesday post is brought to you by the letter X.

Did you just make a face? X is just as important as all the other letters. True, trying to find words that
begin with X can be challenging. They are few and most dictionaries don't even have one full page
of words that begin with the letter X. Of course, that would be American dictionaries. None the less,
I did find a word ... and better yet ... I have pictures to go with my word.

X is for ~
XERIC Garden

What the heck is that??

The definition of xeric is:
Characterized by, or adapted to an extremely dry habitat, relating to, or growing in dry conditions.
Succulents such as cacti, aloes, and agaves.

Last Spring we visited the Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks to the ABC Team members; Denise, Roger, Barb, Jay, Gattina, Sylvia, and Troy
for all the work and encouragement they do regarding ABC Wednesday,
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WEEKDAY PHOTOS ~ 2 of a Kind~ #5

This week's theme at Weekday Photos is Up and Down.
I have not had a car for over a week now, so I had to
comb through my files to see if I had anything that fit this theme.

These picture were taken last Spring.

Red Rock, Sedona, AZ

Looking up

Looking down

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Unique Exposure ~BRANCH~

Choke Cherry

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Like a tiny jewel, a drop of rain water sits on the tip of a Hosta leaf.


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WEEKDAY PHOTOS ~ Creative Colors # 5~

Today's theme for Weekday Photos is OVEREXPOSED.

We live in a heavily wood area. Birds are in abundance here. We have several pairs of Cardinals. On this day I was trying out different  camera techniques while trying to get a picture of a pair. Of course, I could never get a good picture of them together.

Mrs. Cardinal

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Sunset Friday at Weekday Photos . Someday I must take my time and try and get a fantastic shot.
I am usually rushing and get an ok shot.

This was taken 2 nights ago. We were suppose to get more storms, but they passed over us.

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Today's Urban theme is Pathway. This gets so confusing to me. The definition of URBAN is CITY. Of course, this represents cities from all over the world and what is "CITY" to people in America is totally different to people in other countries. I enjoy seeing all the different examples of the subjects posted on Weekday Photos. Pathway  has been hard for me to choose. I live in between a city and a town, kind of out in the country. I am torn between 2 pictures. You can choose your favorite.

This is a pathway of a Trail that goes right past my home.The path continues on the other side of the road.

This pathway is in the city I live near. The Rock River flows through this City. This pathway takes you along the River through the downtown area.

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2 of a Kind ~# 4~

This week's 2 of a Kind theme is Left and Right. These aren't the best pictures,but I haven't missed a day of this Meme yet.

My interpretation of Left and Right

You can find more 2 of a Kind photos at



Wow ... last week I missed ABC Wednesday ... and almost missed the posting for today.

W is for warm weather and water. Warm weather and water go together like ice cream and cake. They are welcomed with open arms ... looked forward to and enjoyed.

Ahhh... to be a kid again!

Even in a BIG City like Chicago you can find a place to play.

But the backyard pool is just as fun!

 You don't have to be in water to be having fun with water.

All you really need is warm weather to enhance the wonder of water.

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Tuesday is MACRO day at Weekday Photos.
It's week #4 and here is my photo.

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 MACRO shots at Weekday Photos


This is the 4th week at Weekday Photos and I am pretty sure that I have posted something for each and every day. That is a great accomplishment for me. Weekday Photos is a photo meme challenge. Each day, Monday through Friday, is a different challenge. Tuesday and Friday are Macro and Sunset. You may summit any photo with those themes. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are Creative Colors, 2 of a Kind, and Urban. Those days also have a subject theme.

Today's Creative Colors theme is RED.

See more photos featuring the color


Am I whining?

Well... maybe just a little. Let me clarify what I said on my MOODY MONDAY post. For the most part, photo challenges are fun and should be done for the enjoyment of seeing how other's interpretation of what the challenge is. The only challenge that I have a problem with is a Macro challenge.

Are you listening? The mother in me is about to come out ...

I know that taking pleasing pictures is somewhat of a skill. I mean, I can look on my camera and know when someone else has taken pictures. My biggest clue is I always have a question in the back of my mind ... Why would I take that picture ... and the answer is ... I didn't ... someone else picked up my camera and took it.

BUT ... I think the playing field should be equal. Of course the person or persons who have Macro lenses are ALWAYS going to win. And sometimes I feel that when you are blown away by a picture using a Macro lens you hardly pay attention to details in other Macro pictures that are submitted. If you earn a living taking Macro pictures ... of course you pictures should be oooed and ahhhhed over. That is your speciality. AND most of all it makes me want to buy a Macro lens. 

I have much more appreciation for the photo that has not been taken with the Macro lens than the one one that has. That person is honing their skill and I hope that they are being encouraged by others.



Ok ... I'm going to try and do a couple more photo challenge blogs. For right now, it's not hard to do since I am off work for  few months. The real challenge will be when I go back to work ... trying to keep up. The challenge blogs may go to the wayside then, especially the ones that have voting. It's so easy to get discouraged when you have professional photographers submitting pictures and you see how far you have to go or how hard you have to work to get a decent picture.

Anyway, here is my shot for SPORTY:

                                            This entry is a little late, but I hope you enjoy it.
                                            You can find more Sporty photos at Moody Monday



Friday's theme at Weekday Photos is SUNSET.
This is my favorite beach! Marco Island, Florida.

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This weeks theme at Weekday Photos : Staircase

My photo is of a marble staircase in the Capital Building in Madison, Wisconsin.

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WEEKDAY PHOTOS ~ 2 of a Kind~

This weeks theme at Weekday Photos: Zoomed out and Zoomed in.

This is one of several Oak Trees in our front yard.

The moss is thickest at the base of the tree.
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                                                            WEEKDAY PHOTOS



It's the Friday challenge at Weekday Photos . Friday features SUNSETS.

This is my entry.

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Today's challenge for Weekday Photos is ZEBRA CROSSING ... you know ... those lines that define a crosswalk.
 My photo is taken from the Signature Room of the Hancock Building in Chicago.

Michigan Avenue

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WEEKDAY PHOTOS ~ 2 of a kind ~ #2

Today's Weekday Photos challenge is 1 photo with a reflection of the object and another photo directly of the object.

This week I am cleaning like mad! My daughter is graduating from high school. Saturday we are having a party with family and friends. Sunday is the graduation.

I was cleaning out one of my China Cabinets. In the glass, I could see the reflection of the light over my dinning room table. As, you can see more clearly in the direct photo, I have not cleaned the light or fan yet.

For more 2 of a kind photos visit


Thanks to the ABC Team: Denise, Roger, Barb, Jay, Gattina, Sylvia, and Troy for providing this Meme.
YES, it is that time again for ABC WEDNESDAY.

Today's letter is U. My word for today is ... UNDERWATER.

First, let me say, of all my family members (5 of us), I am the one that is most unlikely to be in water.

#1. I don't like water in my face. (I am sure this is due to some undeniably, horrific experience that I had as a child ... even if I can no longer remember it.)

#2. I am NOT a strong swimmer. So, if you are with me in the water, don't look to me to save you if something should happen. It's all I can do to save myself.

With that being said ... If you have looked at my blog or any of my ABC Wednesday post, you know that for our 30th Anniversary, my husband and I went on a cruise. It was an unforgettable experience!
It was also the only cruise that "we" will ever take. Where we went was up to me. I chose a cruise, with hundreds of people on board. His choice would be some uncrowded place where he could nap the days away (and yes, he did do some of that.) All our excursions were geared towards him. All excursions included water.

Knowing I would be in the water and wanting to document this unique experience was one of my goals.
I researched and then bought a little Pentax Optio W60, point and shoot waterproof Camera.

At first I was uneasy about the whole thing, after all, I had to be underwater. Taking pictures in the ocean is a great undertaking, the fish are moving, you are moving, and the water is moving.

As you can see, the fish seem unconcerned, even unaware of people in the water.
This truly was an ULTIMATE vacation.
For more U words got to ABC WEDNESDAY.



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WEEKDAY PHOTOS ~ Creative Colors~

It's week # 2 at WEEKDAY PHOTOS. Today is featuring Black and White photos.

This photo was take a year ago. After a week of heavy rain and early morning fog the sun finally broke through the clouds. There was still a trace of steam and fog lingering in the air.

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Building facade during night.

This is one end of the Denver State Capital Building.

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Time again for ABC WEDNESDAY. Today's letter is T.

The month of June begins our 7th year of living in this house. We live between a city and a town in an unincorporated area. I enjoy the country setting, the corn field at the end of the road and all the wild life that travels through our yard. I have no idea where they are coming from or where they are going, but most animals travel through twice a day. In the morning. they are headed one way and in the evening they are coming back through the other way.

We have seen these animals every year, but this is the first year that we have seen the great display that they put on during mating season.
My T... is for... TURKEYS

This is Tom. He is coming out of the woods.

His friends continue through the woods.

Tom is heading to the neighbor's yard.

This looks like a good place.

Do you think she noticed?

Doesn't look like it. Tom heads back to find his friends.

But look ... who's following behind.
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