Am I whining?

Well... maybe just a little. Let me clarify what I said on my MOODY MONDAY post. For the most part, photo challenges are fun and should be done for the enjoyment of seeing how other's interpretation of what the challenge is. The only challenge that I have a problem with is a Macro challenge.

Are you listening? The mother in me is about to come out ...

I know that taking pleasing pictures is somewhat of a skill. I mean, I can look on my camera and know when someone else has taken pictures. My biggest clue is I always have a question in the back of my mind ... Why would I take that picture ... and the answer is ... I didn't ... someone else picked up my camera and took it.

BUT ... I think the playing field should be equal. Of course the person or persons who have Macro lenses are ALWAYS going to win. And sometimes I feel that when you are blown away by a picture using a Macro lens you hardly pay attention to details in other Macro pictures that are submitted. If you earn a living taking Macro pictures ... of course you pictures should be oooed and ahhhhed over. That is your speciality. AND most of all it makes me want to buy a Macro lens. 

I have much more appreciation for the photo that has not been taken with the Macro lens than the one one that has. That person is honing their skill and I hope that they are being encouraged by others.

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