The snow I love!

If you have kept up with my blog, you know that I am NOT a winter person. My hearts desire is to walk and lay on a beach, with bright sunshine and 80 degree temps all year long. However, I live in the upper Mid-West portion of the US. Yes, there are beaches here, but not ones that line the ocean and stay warm. They surround lakes and freeze, pile up with snow ... when we have it.

This was yesterday morning, about 7am.

The report is; this is the 5th mildest winter on record. We have had very little snow, mild warm temperatures ... well ... warm for here. AND we have enjoyed it!! There have been several days that I have been out and about in a light jacket on. We have enjoyed several dinners cooked out on the grill.

BUT .... this is today... about 7am

I LOVE when it snows like this. This is a heavy, wet snow ... good packing snow. I love the way it builds up on everything it touches. I love how everything looks bright and white. But there is a down side too. Heavy snow breaks branches and trees.

For now. I'll enjoy the beauty. After all it is only February


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yes, your "today" photos are gorgeous, but you're right about the down side. Sometimes very hard on the branches. I remember one wet snowfall in May when one of the big trees at the church lost a large branch and someone visiting the church lost a windshield because of that branch.
We have snow in the forecast for this evening and tomorrow, and it's going to be wet snow, too. Hoping the forecast is wrong. "Mixed rain and snow" sounds awful, followed by freezing temps.

ChrisJ said...

Well, it does look beautiful....

kim said...

it really is beautiful! i wish i could see one in person someday, lol!

Melanie said...

Exactly the same kind of snow I love, too! It made for some gorgeous scenery, didn't it?