Welcome to the 4th Coffee Klatch Friday!
Pour a cup of coffee ( or the drink you prefer), pull up a chair, sit ... relax ... visit ... enjoy! You are with your friends.

Today we are sharing 10 things that we have done.

1. I have been "Cruising" 
Meaning that I have been on a Cruise ... actually 3. My first Cruise was a present for my 50th birthday. I went to Cozumel, Mexico with my oldest daughter and some of her friends.
My second cruise was with hubby for our 30th Anniversary. My 3rd cruise was with my daughter and grandchildren for Spring Break.

 I think that going on a Cruise is an economical way to take a vacation to a place and to participate in some activities that you may otherwise not get the chance to do.

2. I have kissed a Stingray.

It is said ... If you kiss a Stingray, you will have good luck for 1 year.

3. I have attempted underwater photography.

You may remember from my list of things I have not done that I never learned to swim. But that doesn't stop me from sitting in 4 feet of water or throwing on a life jacket and grabbing a camera to attempt new things.

4. I have been to The Mall of America.

The Mall of America is in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is the home of over 520 retail stores. Yes, we do some shopping while we are there, but we always spend much more time in the Amusement Park in the center of the Mall.

5. I have "observed" a marathon.
The Chicago Marathon.

 2 of my children have participated in the Chicago Marathon ... twice.

6. I have made a cheesecake from scratch.
I have no picture. It was almost 12 years ago. It was time consuming and I'd like to try it again ... I just can't find the time to try again.

7. I have been to The Statue of Liberty.

My sister, 3 brothers, and I took a "siblings trip" to New York in May.
Where is the 3rd brother ... he's taking the picture.
8. I have been "river tubing".

For the past 2 summers, this is how my family enjoys those HOT summer days.
9. I have been to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Fl.
It is suppose to be the largest butterfly habitat in the U.S.

10. I have survived Cancer.
In 1993 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I was 36 years old.
I had surgery to remove 24 inches of my colon and had to do a year of treatment. 

The reason behind doing many of these things is because I survived cancer. I learned that making
 memories and spending time, taking pictures and enjoying the one's you love are what will last. I have
been blessed to have the opportunity to do these things. No one knows what tomorrow will hold ... so make the most of today.

My Recipe

As the weather gets colder, I revert back to foods that are simple and make me feel cozy.
Chicken & Noodles 
I brown boneless chicken breast {using a non stick spray like PAM) in a pot. How many? At least a couple, depending on how much I want to make. I brown both side to a lovely shade of caramel brown. This will also give you some caramelization ( this adds flavor) in your pot. Once the sides are browned, I add just enough water to cover the breasts and let them simmer for about 15 minutes.  I remove them from the pot, letting them cool slightly, and shred them. Back in the pot they go with a can or 2 of chicken broth. I salt and pepper the ingredients and then add about 3/4 of a bag of egg noodles. Stir, stir, and stir. The noodles will absorb most of the liquid, so you may have to add more water, but not a lot. It's ready when the noodles are tender. Sometimes I will add some diced carrot or celery when I am simmering the breasts to add more flavor... just depends on what I have on hand and how soon I want to eat.

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Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee !


Mara said...

This thing is going all over the place. I just noticed my comment appeared on the post before this one. Grrrr. Anyhoo...

See last post! ;)

Grammy Goodwill said...

I didn't think about adding pictures to my post. Maybe next week. First, how wonderful that you survived cancer. (Better if you had never had it, of course.) I've cruised, shopped at Mall of America, and climbed the steps in the Statue of Liberty. Sorry I'm not much of a cook. Recipes just aren't my thing. Yours sounds great.

Kay L. Davies said...

I've survived cancer, too. I was the first in my family, followed by my youngest brother and then Mother, to do so.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Rosy said...

I also didn't think at posting photos with my post, however I don't think it wouldn't of matter cause many of the things that I had listed didn't have pictures to go with them. lol

Congratulations on your battle against cancer!

My you were brave to kiss a stingray.

I never made or even attempt at making cheese cake before.

Ahhh that chicken and noodle soups tasty good, gonna have to try to brown my chicken the next time I whip up some chicken soup.

Mara said...

For some reason I've got incredible difficulty in linking up, I've tried six times so far and still nothing. So, if you want to read my entry: please come and see me at: