~FYI~ Coffee Klatch Friday~

This is a shout out to all my Coffe Klatch Friday friends. If you have checked on any comments that I have left on other peoples blogs you will know that I have been working 2 jobs. This week these jobs have been overlapping. Unfortunatly that cuts down on the time I am on-line. This looks like it may be the last week of 2 jobs (working in the same company, 2 different locations, 2 different , but similar positions). YEAH!!! I am looking forward to being able to put more time in on getting to know each of you.
Tomorrow afternoon wil be the regular Coffee Klatch Friday post. I know you are all fast thinkers and will be able to post on short notice.

Getting to know you ~
10 (or close to it) items on your "Bucket List"
Subject~ With Halloween being this past week.
Please share with us what your favorite candy is and why it is your favorite.

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