I love waking up to fresh snow! There are a couple of reasons for this. An important one is, it means it is fairly warm outside. Now "warm" is a relative term, usually meaning, the temperature is in the double digits. So far, we have just a light dusting of a couple of inches. I know, you are thinking "a couple of inches, a light dusting"?? Well, that is a relative term too! When you live in an area that can get 120 inches of snow fall in a season . . . What's a couple of inches?

So, after looking out the bedroom window and running downstairs to make coffee, I threw on my sweats, boots and coat to take the dogs out. Both dogs love the snow, well maybe. Tillie loves the snow!
I'm not quite sure Piper understands it. She runs in circles, darts and weaves like something is attacking her.

Anyway, at the bottom of the driveway I could see that the snow plow had com through, not once , but twice (the whole road was plower). THE SNOW PLOW CAME THROUGH?? WOW!! My reaction for this is twofold. First, we live in an area that is unincorporated, meaning, neither the nearby town or city plow our roads. Our roads are plowed by the township or county, ( I am truly convienced that last year, either someone who plows for the county or someone who is of great importance to the county moved into our little area) which usually means that our roads are some of the last to be plowed, however, this is not true when we have small amounts of snow. Second, I did not hear the plow. For that matter I also did not hear the school bus which passes our house at 7am. I must have been sleeping soundly. Hardly ever do I not hear the school bus.

The second reason I love fresh snow is that I can see the tracks of all the animals that have crossed our yard. The deer, the turkeys, the fox  . . . all have their daily rituals of walking walking one way in the morning and then back the other way in the evening. It amuses me to see the deer tracks walk in our early morning path, sometimes even down the driveway. We also can see which of our dog friend's have already been out for their morning walk. This morning Jake, a black Lab, had take his walk already. He always pauses and turns at the bottom of the driveway to see if we are out. Yes, fresh snow can be a wonderful thing!

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