WoW ... has it been a week already? Time again for FUN FOTO FRIDAY., hosted by DeBbieDoos.
Why not come along and join the FUN!

I just LOVE this picture! But, keep this just between you and me. The person in this picture (my daughter L) doesn't like it at all. This was taken about 11 years ago when L was seven. We took a trip out west to visit Hubby's sister, in Las Vegas, at Spring Break time. People who live out west are always boasting about the warm weather there. Well, seems we brought the cool weather along with us. It was too cool to swim in the pool, so L spent her time in the hot tub ... with the mask on. SHE HAD A BALL!!

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Debbie said...

That is a classic shot Vivki, love it...my boys would be embarrassed too If I put something like that up, which believe me i will someday!!~ I like the pictures too of your Uncle Paul, he sounded like a sweet man!!~ Thanks for participation.