NEW MEME ~~ FUN FOTO FRIDAY hosted by Debbie

This is the first FUN FOTO FRIDAY hosted by Debbie at debbiedoos
Here are the instructions followed by my pictures :
Your photo can be absolutely anything that makes you smile ex. pet, kids, a verse, a pretty picture, etc. etc.........
Pretty simple!
Here's my pictures!

This is our new dog, Piper, and our Grandson, Mace. Mace had been here all afternoon and was going to spend the night. Mace and Piper had been running around the house all afternoon, chasing each other, running up and down stairs, playing tug-of-war, you know . . . all the stuff boys and dogs do.

It was geiiting close to bed time and time to settle down. Mace is playing WII Mario Cart. Piper is sitting next to him. Both look happy!
Here is my next shot, a close up of Piper.

Can you tell she had fun all day?


Debbie said...

Oh Vicki that is an awesome post!! Piper is adorable as is Mace your grandson too!!~ What kind of dog is he? He has a little pug face, as I have a pug too!!~ You did an awesome job, and I so appreciate your participation!~ Things are a little slow in blog land. I would imagine visiting the others will get you some views too!!~ANd of course this is my first meme, so I have some kinks to work out!~

Mama Ko said...

They are buddies. Your grandson Mace is handsome and good boy. Looks like the cutie doggy enjoyed hanging out with him. Happy weekend. My entry is right here http://www.jnjmilestones.com/2010/02/i-can-always-make-you-smile.html

maryt/theteach said...

Love your fun photos! Thanks for signing up to follow me! I appreciate it! :)