Thematic Photographic 121 - Yellow

What a GREAT choice Carmi has made for this weeks theme! I LOVE YELLOW!! It is my FAVORITE color. Which is not what you would think if you were to visit my home. BUT ... we'll discuss that some other time.

 I just got home from vacation . . . where it was almost 40 degrees warmer than at home. Everyday we went to the beach.

It already seems like a dream.


Karen Sather said...

Very nice and relaxing photos of yellow!

Carmi said...

I could use some warmth right now...it went below freezing last night for the first this season. Woke up to frost-covered windows and lawns...not fun!

I love these pics. There's something about tropical fish that just makes me smile. My blood immediately warmed up when I first saw them! Great choice for this week's theme! Thanks so much, Vicki, for your kind comments!