Thematic Photographic 124 - Candid

This week Carmi has chosen "Candid" as the Thematic Photographic theme.

 People photographed on candid shots either ignore or accept the close presence of the photographer's camera without posing. In some cases they may not even realize that they are being photographed.

My favorite "candid" photography is "sports photography". Yes, people may know I am there. They see me with camera in hand, but they aren't really sure about what I am taking photos of. They are not POSING, they are PARTICIPATING. I may or may not get eye contact. AND I may have to shoot 100 photos just to get a handful of engaging photos. But as a Photographer, isn't that what it is all about ... getting that 1 extraordinary photo.

Here are a few of my favorite "candid" shots.

Take a peek at more Candid Photos here.


dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

I love the volleyball shots!!!

Karen Sather said...

All your candid shots are packed with full life and vivid living bright colors...very nice group of photos and kids!

Carmi said...

Have you ever considered shooting sports professionally? You have a serious eye for capturing THE moment of peak action. These are better than anything I've seen in our sorry excuse for a local newspaper lately!