Thematic Photographic~CANDID~ What might happen ...

when you have 3 "bored" teenage girls.

One day, this past Spring, I heard my daughter and some of her friends out in the yard. Wait ... let me rephrase that ... First they came in the house, got a small step ladder, took it outside and then I heard laughter. Here is the result of looking, me, out the window.

None of them had the slightest idea that they were being watched, let alone photographed
. . .
at least until a few months later when they got copies of the pictures as part of their Graduation  Gifts.

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Carmi said...

What a delightful series! What a great idea to capture them from on high and relatively far away. You caught them as they are, unaffected by the need to present themselves. They just...were. Which makes this such a refreshing moment in their lives.

Photography can be such an incredible witness to lives well lived. You've proven that here.