ABC WEDNESDAY ~ A is for .... --Vacation ~ Thematic Photographic 154


 period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation

Over @ Written Inc, Carmi has chosen the topic of VACATION for this weeks photo challenge. 

Memorial Day week-end and the week to follow, hubby and I took a trip up Nort to the Lake Superior region, to the Apostle Islands. Yes, while it was in the high 80's and low 90's at home, we were the refreshing temperatures of anywhere between 34° and 65°.

The Apostle Islands are made up of 21 island off the coast of Bayfield, Wisconsin. 

The morning we took our ferry tour, Superior Lake temperature was a billowy 38°.

The sea caves are a popular place of discovery in the summer time.

On several islands, lighthouses and residences (pictured above and below : Devil's Island) have been restored. Most are places for sightseer's. Madeline Island is the only island that is inhabited. 

We also visited a couple of State Parks.
Amnicon Falls

Copper Falls

AND ... Saw some breathtaking sunsets

It's always nice to get away ... AND it's always nice to come home!


The English Teacher said...

That blue lake is stunning. Very nice choices.

Max said...

Awesome pictures, I love that covered bridge.

Bob Scotney said...

Great pictures to match the Great Lake. This is a place I would love to visit. I've only been to the shores of Lake Michigan.

Gilly said...

That looks my sort of place! Great shots!

Alexia said...

A lovely series of pictures. Those sea caves look fascinating! Great sunsets, too.

Karen S. said...

All so very close to my heart as we've vacationed here as well...what stunning memories etched in our souls....and by camera! great TP post for vacation!

Roger Owen Green said...

What is it about running water that is so appealing?

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carmi said...

Now I know why they call them Great Lakes. These are beyond stunning...I think I need to see Wisconsin up close someday soon!