Yesterday ... I almost posted ...

That this week looked like it would be a sweet, smooth, almost laid back week for work. Ha! How things quickly change.

Today was easy, breezy ... close to home... took me longer to set up and take down than it did to take photos. Actually, I was done taking photos by my posted start time. Packed up and was walking at the door at 9:45am.

Looking at my paperwork for tomorrow, there was no arrival time, no start time, no set up instructions. Hmmm ... asked my boss about it and she set off to find the info I needed. Well ... not really. What she found out was the job has been moved to another date. Now I am doing a job that includes 27 classes of
Kindergartner's through 2nd grader's.


So much for smooth. 

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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh dear, too bad, Vicki. Kids that age are adorable, but sitting still isn't their best thing. Do you have "sport" speed on your camera, the one that can stop racehorses and kindergartners in mid-stride?