First ... let me ask ... Why are there always those people who are pests and hanging around to irritate you? Of course ... I'm not talking about you. The person I am speaking of is someone who posts as "ANONYMOUS". Over the past week this person  ... has probably tried ... at least 100 times to leave a post om my blog. REALLY??? I assume they tried so many times because they could not see anything showing up. There is a very good reason for that. My settings were set to where if you post as "ANONYMOUS", I am the only person who can see it. So, trying to get people who view my blog to buy your "knock off drugs" is a futile attempt on your part. However, after blowing up my email mail box, I am now only accepting comments from members of my blog. My apologies to other people who also post as "ANONYMOUS" and have things of value to say. 

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