What has kept me away from blogger ...

Well ... as you may or may not know ... Baby Girl is having  a baby boy at the end of July.  Both my daughters are much like me. They feel they have to be in control of everything. (I have gotten better and know that it won't kill me to loosen up a bit.) So, Baby Girl had decided when and where her "Baby Shower's" would be and who needed to be invited. OH...REALLY???

Thus ... the "SURPRISE SHOWER". Baby Girl's best friend wanted to throw her a shower. So we snuck around making things, making plans, and getting ready. But most of all we listened to Baby Girl tell us what she did and did not want. Now, when I say "listen", it's kinda the listening your kids and husband do. Just shake your head and agree, get part of the sentence so that if asked, you can relay back a detail.

Here are a couple of the decor things I made.

Baby Girl registered for one of those Baby, Safety Kits. (Actually, she registered for a couple.) I bought the largest one and incorporated it into this "diaper wreath." There are 28 rolled, disposable diapers, secured with rubber bands, tied onto a wire wreath. The hardest part was weaving the blue ribbon in and out of the diapers. Along with the Safety Kit are things like socks, wash cloths, traveling size baby shampoo and powder.

Here is where Baby Girl sat. On the mantel you can see two blue pails. Those have "flower buds" made up of baby socks "planted" in them.  Those took a little time, you want to make sure to get the "buds" tight or they kinda fall apart when you are inserting the floral wire.
You can view a tutorial here.

I also made cute little favors using canning jars and Jelly Bellies. Now... this was a little costly, using Jelly Bellies, but you could use small mints or M&M's and it would cost less and be just as cute.

The labels were made with my own computer. I found a "label making packet" at Michael's Craft store. The price was $9.99, but I used a 40% coupon to save on the cost. With this kit you get an on-line code to go to a website and make the your own label. There are a variety of fonts and pictures that you can choose from. You make a sample to make sure everything is how you want it and that it fits on the stickers. Once you are happy with your creation, you print it out on the sticker paper from your kit.

Come on back to see the shower and if Baby Girl was surprised ...
See ya soon!


Grammy Goodwill said...

I can't wait for more details. I love showers.

Kay L. Davies said...

Sure sounds like you've been busy, Vicki. Lookin' good.

Carmi Levy said...

What a blessing! Can't wait to hear how the shower went - and whether she was surprised.

I think we all face that challenge when life gets in the way and we have less and less time to update our blogs and visit others. It is what it is...the folks who matter always find a way to reconnect. Great to e-see you again...congratulations!

Quiltingranny said...

Congratulations grandma! I can't wait to see more pics, I am sure you surprised her!