What has kept me away from blogger ... continued ...

As you know, (if you don't, go back a couple of posts and read) "Baby Girl" is having a baby at the end of July.

The day before her "surprise" shower all the decorations were all put up. Not that there were really all that many. It was more ... moving furniture and cleaning.

and of course, right before the guests arrived a few things needed to be put out.
Isn't this a cute way to display Fruit Salad! 
"Best Friend" found it on Pinterest. 
She and her Mother made it.

"Free Spirit" (oldest daughter) and "Teenybopper" (granddaughter)
made the "flower" cup cakes. The flowers are made from marshmallows.

Here are the games we played.

How did we get "Baby Girl" to the shower? 
From the start we had an idea of what would get her there. Although, it changed several times, it always went along the same lines. "Baby Girl" is obsessed with the idea that 
everyone in our family produce a handmade item for "Baby Boy's" room.
Thus, we have "craft days". "Free Spirit" suggested that we do this on this day. Then, I text "Baby Girl" and told her that "Jack of Trades" (my hubby) needed help moving some thing in the garage and would like "Daddy O"  to come and help. Forty-five minutes later I text her again saying "Jack of Trades" is going to take us out to lunch, so be here at 12:30pm. ( This was a must! We wanted "Baby Girl" dressed in something other than "Yoga pants" for her shower.)

When "Baby Girl" walked in "Teenybopper" handed her the shower invitation to read. Did she read it? NO, not really... Was she surprised?

"Baby Girl" and "Best Friend"
You can see she got a little teary eyed.

"Baby Girl" and "Free Spirit"

In the end, I think she was really "surprised" and totally enjoyed herself!


ChrisJ said...

Wow, you have been busy! But I guess a good time was had by all. Well done all of you -- the creative shower givers and the Mom for creating the reason.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Vicki, it looks like such fun. What a lovely group of young women, and your Baby Girl looks so happy.