At this time last year I was on Spring Break, visiting Arizona. One of the sites we ( Becky, Jennifer, Lauren, Bri, and me) enjoyed was the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. They had a wonderful blown glass display throughout the gardens. Here are a few of the yellow flowers you will see in the desert.

Don't the flowers on this cacti look almost like roses?

Wonderful yellow flower buds.
A wonderful yellow glass display.

Some of the wild grasses.

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Debbie said...

ahhhhhh vacation, wish I was one one. My boys are on Spring break this week and we are just chilling around town:) Happy Monday to you:) I was on a blogging break and totally forgot about my fun foto friday, I will let you know about it again:)

siromade08 said...

They really look like rose.

Thanks for the comment. Im following you, if you could follow me as well, i'll be thankful.

Liz @ MLC said...

Oh wow, they're beautiful. At first I thought those were roses.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy MYM!

Regina said...

Truly wonderful!
Lovely post and captures.

Johnny Nutcase said...
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anne said...

it sure looks rose.. nice pictures

Annie said...

That glass sculpture just STAGGERS me. I was fooled by the cactus. I thought I was looking at yellow roses and then I did a double-take. Breath-taking.