ABC Wednesday ~ H & I

Ok ... I'm getting farther and farther behind. Work is CRAZY and time is zooming by. Of course, it always gets busier as the weather warms up (we still have patches of snow on the ground) and , at present moment, I'm feeling older than I really am.

This is my ABC Wednesday post on Thursday.
Why today? Because I am 2 letters behind.

H is for HOCKEY~
                                               My Grandson's Hockey team  is
                                               made up of boys ages 8 & 9.
For most, it is their second year of playing.

This is my Grandson. He has pretty much taken
 to skating like a duck takes to water.

Here he is chasing the puck.
His position is Defenseman, usually left side

Being a Defenseman, you are pretty much in the back wings, 
protecting the goal. This year he has made 1 goal.
Pretty good for the guy who is suppose to be in the background.

I is for IRIS~  

Even though we have warmer weather, we are in "limbo land", somewhere between "a chance of snow"  and 
"the threat of flooding" This is the time of year I like the least. Everything is a gray-brown color. How I long for that "perfect" Spring green. While out walking with the dogs on Tuesday, I did notice the tips of my Daffodils breaking through the ground.  What an encouraging sign. BUT ... I am long for tall flowers (really ... any flowers), in the colors of the rainbow.

I still have a few months before these beauties appear. 

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Donnie said...

That's funny that you feel you have to turn in your homework...lol...Cute post.

LisaF said...

We live roughly in the same same area...middle of the country...so your comment about the seasons made me laugh. You look like you have your hands full so no need to feel bad about missing a week! I love your iris shots. Can't wait for mine to break through the ground.

Meryl said...

Convenient. You could have just done Ice Hockey, but was glad to see the iris in there too...harbinger of spring!


Leslie said...

I absolutely love that Iris shot with the water on the petals... just beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Roger Owen Green said...

Yeah, I know about limboland. It was 71 a couple of days ago, but yesterday's high was 45.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team