AUGUST! (life as a school photographer)

Here it is . . . that time of year! Preparation for the coming school year and trying to squeeze the last bit of summer into a few short weeks. I have even seen on Facebook where some kidos have already  started school. Wow!

I work for one of the largest school photography businesses in the States. And let me tell you, as a photographer, it can make you or break you. The up side ----- all those cute kids! From pre-k through high school, I get to interact with them, learn some cool stuff that they are into and see their personalities through those great smiles. The down side ----- 10-12 hours on my feet, many times in areas with no air conditioning and  equipment that goes down because of the heat and humidity.

So, today, (I'm thinking I may do a couple of posts about "Picture Day") let me help you understand a little about what goes on on picture day.

 #1. Your school decides the dates and times that they want pictures taken. It does not matter if it is a registration day or an in school photo day, the goal is to get every student's picture taken at that time. That means at a registration ( 4-12 hours) or a school day (6 hours), I may have to take 300- 600 pictures. For me, the goal is to get that great smile in 1 or 2 pictures of your child.
#2. Your school picks the program or picture packages that are offered. But don't worry, you  are not locked in to buying a picture package. There are other options where you can purchase single pictures or a CD.
#3. You do not need to purchase a photo, however, you child does need to have their picture taken. Many schools now use student ID's for things such as lunch programs, library programs, and sporting events. These pictures are also used for yearbooks and classroom pictures and any files that your school may have on your child.
#4. If for some reason, your child misses the first photo day, your school will have a retake day. The retake day is sometime between the 4th week of school and the middle of November. Your school should have the retake day noted on the school calendar.

So that this is not an overwhelmingly long post . . . look for the next post "Registration Day".

Welcome to the new school year!

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