the colors of Spring. Today is the first day of Spring, not that you could really tell. The temp right now is about 20 degrees. The high today is suppose to be 50. Yes, we have had some warm days, up in the 60's and 70's. BUT. . . If you are from the mid-west you know that that really means nothing. Tomorrow we could have a foot of snow.

However, the birds are singing. The Robins are here. (a Robin's main diet is worms, so the ground must be somewhat soft for the worms to come up.) and some trees have started to bud out. My daffodils are starting to pop out of the ground and the Willow trees are turning a golden yellow. But . . . all in all things are still pretty brown.

Where are the cold Spring rains? A rainy day or 2 and some warm weather will wake everything and and begin the parade of colors. Hopefully, the real Spring is not too far off.

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