Those 2 "dirty little words"...

Diet and exercise. Why do we have such a hard time with them? Diet is defined as; What a person or animal usually eats or drinks, daily fare. Exercise is defined as; Active use or operation, performance. So, basically; diet and exercise are anything you eat and drink . . . AND . . . any movement you make.

I have always done both, as I am sure everyone has, but am concentrating on them more at the moment. I had decided that exercise would help build my endurance to lug around my 1o cases of equipment that I need for work. These rang from 15 - 65 pounds. It has helped me immensely.

Diet was more for the vacation that I will be taking soon. Going to warm places and shedding clothes always feels and looks better when you are firm and trim.

So next time when thinking of diet and exercise . . . it may be a little easier if we all realize that we always are in process of those two things. We just adjust them to the purpose that we need. :)

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-Tiffany said...

As long as you aren't "dieting" it will all work out :-) I've been swimming (that's my exercise) about 4x a week for the past few months. Turns out my body (knees) can't take the pounding on the pavement anymore! It's a "full body" workout and I actually enjoy exercising! Find something you love to do and it'll hardly feel like "exercise"!