That "DERN" dog

Miss Til is the queen of our home. She is an almost, 12 year old Shepard/ Rottweiler mix. She is a good size dog, close to 100 lbs and one of the biggest babies. Now, I would not say that she would "never" hurt any body, in fact, if you were hurting "her boy" (grandson), she just might take a chunk out of you. BUT, most often she is easy going.
Last Fall Miss Til had an ear infection and since then has developed a bad habit. With the ear infection she learned that if she shook her head she would get attention. Grant it, it might not have been the type of attention that she was looking for, but hey, someone (me) would eventually end up massaging her ears and giving her a good rub down. Somehow, over a period of time, Miss Til and I have come to the knowledge that "the shaking of the head" now means that she wants to go out. This is quite annoying, especially at 6am on my days off. She comes into my bedroom, walks to my side of the bed and shakes her head . . . several times . . . and walks out of the room. 5 to 10 minutes later she is back, comes to my side of the bed and shakes her head. The most aggravating things is . . . my hubby has just arrived home from work (He works the night shift). Upon arrival, HE has woken up Miss Til who now feels that she needs to wake me up for HER morning walk.

Hail to "The Queen"!

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