In search of the mystery animal ... hmmm ... not really!

This story begins several years ago. My daughter and her family use to live in this house. They had mentioned that on 1 occasion they were awoken in the middle of the night with screeching outside their window (Now they pretty much sleep with their windows closed).

Of course, our first thoughts were; anything in the quiet, of the middle of the night will sound a hundred times louder. Second, maybe you should stop watching THOSE movies. You know the ones, people are running around in the woods, sawing other people up. (We just happen to live next to a wooded lot.) We kinda live out in the country and night time can be pretty dark. We have lots of "wild" animals around; deer, fox, turkey, raccoon, squirrel, etc. So, it is not unusual to hear things snapping and cracking in the woods.

Fast forward to April of this year. My youngest daughter and I were vacationing in Arizona. Hubby did not go because He is going on a fishing trip in September. That left him in charge of the dog. He works nights and gets home anywhere between 3am. and 6:30am. Because He was the only one here He would take Tillie out soon after he got home, that way He could go to bed for several hours before having to take her out again.

On a particularly DARK night Hubby was walking Tillie at about 3 am.They went around the corner to the other side of the wooded lot. (When it is dark dark, I never go there.) In the distance Hubby could hear a sound and it seemed as if it was getting closer and closer to Him. Hubby and Tillie turned around to go back home and after a few short steps "the sound" was right in front of Him. He said that both He and Tillie froze. He said that it was way too dark to see whatever was making the noise and that he has never heard an animal make a noise like that before. A few seconds later Hubby hears the noise again ... way down the street. Needless to say, Hubby and Tillie made a beeline for home.

Two weeks later; I am getting ready for work. It's 4:30 am. and pitch black out. I am in the bathroom, at the back of our house, curling my hair. My bedroom (at the front of the house) window is open. I can her a noise, way far off in the distance. As I am curling my hair I realize that the noise is getting closer and closer ... hmmm .... it kinda sound like screeching.

Two nights ago; it was pretty dark out, no moon or stars. About 11 pm. I took Tillie out. We went down the side of the house. In the distance ... a kind of screeching, coming our way. We went back into the house.

Last night; It was one of those nights, you know, where you are really tired, but you just can't seem to fall asleep. I know that I lay in bed for at least 45 minutes before I started drifting off ... only to be awoken by the screeching noise. Sounded like it was coming from our driveway. It didn't last long, only a couple of times. I cannot imagine what animal makes that noise ...

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