Ok . . .ok . . .ok, I need to post my vacation blog. I have so many other things I want to blog about, but have kept from doing so until I posted about Spring Break. Normally Spring Break is spent by the pool and at the beach, but this year we went to Arizona. I thought the weather would be great seeing our break was in mid April. The week before and the week after had temps. in the 90's. We had high 60's and mid 70's. Where is the justice in that? Usually things are "low key", but because we went with people who might never go there again, I thought some "sites" would be fun.

The first night and the last night we spent at my Aunt's. Let me take this opportunity to thank her for her hospitality. She had these cute little buggers at her house. It was all my daughter could do to keep her hands off them. "Mama" does NOT look to happy that Lauren is holding her baby.

We took a ride through the Salt River Canyon to go to Snowflake. It has been several years since I have driven that way. I don't ever remember seeing water in the canyon. Of course, I usually went through there in the dead heat of the Arizona summer. This canyon has a "claim to fame" in the movie EASY RIDER. At the end of the movie, Peter Fonda, son of Henry, brother of Jane (wow . . . am I dating myself OR what!), is riding his "hog" through this canyon.

One reason to go through the Salt River Canyon was to get these two ladies, my Aunt Grace and my Grandmother, together. Aunt Grace's husband, Uncle Paul had passed away in Feb. and Grandma was unable to come back to the funeral. We brought Aunt Grace as a "surprise" to spend the week with her sister (Grandma), who had no idea that she was coming.
We spent Monday driving around the Sedona area. We stopped at Red Rock first and took a little hike.
We walked around the Town of Jerome. Once a small mining community, high in the mountains, it is now a tourist town filled with shops and eaterys.

We drove through the beautiful formations and colors of Sedona.

We crossed this bridge to see this view at Oak Creek Canyon.
We spent a fun night at FIDDLESTICKS with some friends from Wisconsin.

We went to the Phoenix Botanical gardens. They had a cool glass display throughout the native plants. Daylight viewing was ok, but the night viewing was awesome.

We went to the "OLD WEST town of TOMBSTONE" It's pretty much a "tourist trap." A mixture of OLD and New, lots of stores with a few attractions. It was something different to see. A nice way to enjoy a day.
Elvis is "alive & well"
Girls looking down to 1st floor of Court House.
Court House court yard.

A quick "together" picture before leaving for the airport.
Lauren posing with her"favorite",Sophie.

Did we do everything we wanted? NO, there is always something that never gets done. However, we are thinking about going to Arizona on our "Fall Break". It WILL be our relaxing vacation, spent next to the pool . . . if it is HOT enough. :)

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